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inglorious maverick @maver1564
I didnt find any query related to accomodation. So could someone please tell me as to what will be the process of hostel allotment and that if any amount has to be submitted along with the essential amount for availing the hostel??
Sahil Girdhar @sahgir
Does Nmims have any tie up with banks to provide education loan?
Amol Karpe @amolkarpe09
NMIMS mumbai Converts Lets form a wassapp group.....post your numbers here
a followed by b @twjiem
guys, for education loan, the entire fee structure is required for 2 years i guess. how to get that? any pointers to how you guys will go about education loan? kidney sellers and rich parents' sons/daughters please excuse.
abhijeet kumar @abhijeet.qb1
"let no man ask a man's sect or caste- whose dictum was this
homer 1 @Homer1

Plz correct the answer- it is Ramananda @abhijeet.qb1 

ano ii @ani6
3 dice are thrown simultaneously. What is the probability that sum of these pieces is greater than 14?