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no intention to offense anyone,

"but as 'alexjeckson' asked to comment"
you really sound like doing PR for MICA dude! And moreover, u been a new user, making ur entry in a bashing way, does make it more doubtful, at least for me, haah!
However, I still appreciate your effort to make us all familiar with the infrastructure n all.

The only intention of this thread is to discuss BOTH - Pro's & Con's
so I don't find anything wrong in 'yettobepaid's posts.
In fact, everybody's free to put forward his/her opinion, which frankly speaking, does contribute to a Healthy Discussion, as it is necessary in order to be completely satisfied, without neglecting any 'could be' important facts..

Thanks to you all anyways,
excuse ~ if sounds offensive.

Well, thats true, that no doubt the PGPCME course won't be coming out as Superior than the flagship course, not at least for the first batch, but as everybody believes - WE can make the difference, and a MICA tag will really increase our Market Value for sure..

Hey Moderators!

Still looking forward for - 'Welingkar at PG-Connect'

Please do the needful guys!

that really added something to my knowledge base, being a Science Graduate,
thanks for that,
but if we talk in simpler terms,
wat factors depict the 'Real Growth in Economy' or as you say,
what are the factors which denote a Nations Uprising, or development?
I mean, what we can call as the real parameters of Success?

is it all about GDP, Currency Conversion Ratio, Equity/Foreign Investments? or there is some other deciding factors too?

Lets say, if the topic of GD, or the Interviewer demands - "How can you say India is Developing, or there is a Growth in Indian Economy"?
What would be a good reply? ??:


CAT score isnt the only criterion when it comes to admission in MICA.
They hold their MICAT as well...and it has a chunk of weightage along wth gd n pi.

Many reputed instis take CAT scores that are nt very high.

so..it isnt nethin to worry bout...:)

Well, I agree, thats true.
Infact I scored 97.3 in SPJAT too, but couldn't satisfy the Interviewer I suppose. Was a bad luck, that I wasn't prepared for CAT 2006, cud hav scored reasonable *atleast enough so that I cud have been given a chance in PGPCM.

Now the only thing which I am concerned about is, whether 62.1 in CAT considerable to apply for PGPCME, or wud it be mere wastage of my 2nd application in MICA!

Well I'm not sure, whether it is really or not,

but yes, 'I' found it STRANGE.

Although I haven't been offered admission, but I did receive a notification for the course, despite the fact

- That I wasn't even called for MICAT for the flagship program.
- I don't have a good CAT score (* 62.1 %ile but 84 & 82 in Verbal & LRDI; couldn't score well in Quant)
- Had a good score in ATMA *97.63, but I don't think it counts.
- However, I have 6 months work-ex, and graduated in Electronic Media itself

So still not sure, whether I have chances of being offered a place @ MICA (still looking forward).

Looking for their criteria on Corporate/Family Business Sponsored Candidature, if I could get in that ways..

well thats an "U.R.L.", I don't think it has to do anythin with the PGPRM, cz its a common link for all the applicants, so nothin to be worried about..
but yes, it wud not hav created a problem if those technical guys hav used anythin els, for ex. PGP etc. Anyways, doesn matter..
(still, I keep my fingers crossed!)

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Hey Guys!
I didn't find any such specification of program being called for the GD,PI..

Hi nawab!
You hv bn really helpful to people aspiring for Welli in this thread. I am glad to say I have been called for the GD/PI at Balwantrai Mehta School, GK-II, New Delhi, on 9th June at 11.45am. (Last time it was disappointing not to get thru beyond gd/pi).

Now I just want to know what it does mean..ie. in the url below the call letter, it says.."PGPRM-GDPI2007/letter.." I have applied for only PGDBM and PGDBM-Retail. Does this mean that I am being considered for "PGPRM" at this stage? After GD/PI gradation, possibly, they may consider for what I applied for i.e. Pgdbm/Pgdbm-R? What do you think about this and your comments please.

Thanks and regards,


Got my slot scheduled at 16th June @ 1 o'clock.. :satisfie:

Has anyone idea about how long the whole process will last?
Cuz I would decide my itinerary according to that, to book my return tickets on same day, or the next..??:

Has anyone idea about how long the whole process will last?
Cuz I would decide my itinerary according to that, to book my return tickets on same day, or the next..??: