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Kyon Bhai itna Sannata kyon hai......??

Hi Guys,

how are you all?? it was really nice to meet you all though I remember only 2 or 3 faces yaar.....
anyways anyone want to share there experience pls go ahead.......

well till now 5 people have agreed to come tomorrow, waiting for others confirmation, plz reply guys, i thought of having an quick reply from all of you.

VESIMSR, MMS 2010-12 Batch
VESIMSR on Pagalguy :

Hi Vishal,

I will also not be in Mumbai tomo so would not be able to join you guys so will meet you all on 27th Morning....

All the Best To all.
swati-pan Says
i heard welinkar has increased som seats for this it true??? if how can i apply 4 dat???plz reply

Last date to apply for those seats was 18th August, now I dont think its possible to apply, though I feel you call college and ask if any direct admisson they are taking for this course.......

hope this helps.!!!
guys, whtever doubts u have reagrding the meet just post it on the thread or send an private meesage to me, as far as venue is concerned, the venue is nirmal lifestyles, whereas dates option are either 23rd or 25th, waiting for the reply, i am signing off now since again fever has taken toll on me today, i am off to sleep now, will check ur messages again in the midnight or in the morning, have a nice time guys.

VESIMSR, MMS 2010-12 Batch
VESIMSR on Pagalguy :

I am fine with 23rd.......

lets poll .....

ARey I am in Nagpur now and have to get the GAP CERTIFICATE FROM here only, as I wont be having time to make a new one there...... as Ill be coming to mumbai on 23 rd and have to do all my admission procedure on the same day na......
so I asked if any one have that.....

shivam911 Says
hi me too waiting for the same additionl seats....did u get ne news

No news so far.....

lets hope for the best.

Is there any specified format for Gap certificate which we need to submit ???

or jsut a common will do in Vivekanand....

pls clarify it as soon as possible whoever know this....

Thank you.

khajuria_varun Says
is it a valid link?? above abhi is saying he's got 155 n still he din get it..i got 153 open catg. OHU. havent chekd it yet in d given link..

Yup that is Valid link and is working..... you can check it there.

All the Best.
Hey all,

Congo for getting thru VESIMSR.. lets b da rockerz of dis batch and get the name of the college in top 10

I am toh all prepared for this Yaar.......