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how many people have they called for core??in the first liist?


27 65.58 MBA HR SELECTED Rs.6,31,000
119 62.44 MBA SELECTED Rs.6,31,000
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rishiihj Says
Can anyone tell will gd/pi be a one day process or not ..........just worried about reservations ?

it will be a one day process......3-4 hours max.
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nt much of a problem...u shud only b sure of how to answer the interviewer for ur decision to quit ur job....

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i had not attended my PI for IMT n my result shows result awaited...i guess VI is yet to be evaluated for us n thats y they say the final result vl b out after 28th...
just my guess

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n now im out of here......coz i knw i vl invite groans n more groans if i do carry on with this stupid conversation

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akash224u Says
Stop cribbing and crying over the delay in results, as seniors have told us there must be a genuine reason behind it ,If u cant understand that simple fact and understand it you definitely do not have what it takes to be a part of this esteemed institution, having a little respect giving the seniors their due for their efforts in helping us out is what is necessary . If you really dont care what is the need to announce it to the world and wasting our time here ?

ohh...u r also wasting ur tym buddy by trying to tell me abt this esteemed insti keep ur advice with urself....all say thr is a genuine reason but no one is willing to tell us the reason...so y not crib n blame...ohh,india has RTI in place too...but who cares:lookround:
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Well this reply was pretty uncalled for.. seems like u have nothing better to do..!! TBH you won't understand a thing until ur on the other side of the fence..so no point explaining things to u..!! And nobody is giving you incorrect answers.. the answers from the seniors always come with a disclaimer : 'to the best of our knowledge'.. cuz surely they aren't the ones running the college.. plz avoid such posts in future..!! ATB..

P.S- i think the mods should lock up this thread till the results are out..!!

haha...who the hell needs an explanation...actions always explain more than words...!i have a lot of other better things to do n thats y i said that i dont care for this college's results anymore!n incorrect answers...even the admissions office has been giving me wrong answers from time immemorial...check out the facts dude
P.S - i too hope the mods lock up this thread...
We students are just communicators between admission office and aspirants, what all information we get from the office, we communicate it to you guys.

Right now all of us are away for our summers, slogging it out from morning till night in office or in field, still we are finding some time to answer your queries and you are blaming us for not providing any concrete information.

It has been mentioned before that there is a solid reason why results are delayed which even we students are not aware of, still you are questioning us.

That last smiley was really uncalled for...

well,we ourselves can call up the admission office n get the data....data which day in n day out keeps changing which is very unethical on the college's part...the reputation has taken a beating...lets accept that...not blaming u guys but obviously blaming the college and the concerned authorities...n if u think ur doing gr8 by giving the answers which always turns out to be incorrect i think ur wrong...the authorities tell u the same wat they tell us over the phone n they tell watever they feel like...so 15th 18th or any other date....i dont care any more....
This is XIMB thread, can we just stick to talking about XIMB. We advised you to stop speculating results and you have gone ahead by speculating some other's college results on this thread.

As per the latest news results are expected to come between 15th and 18th april. So I don't expect any further speculation in this regard.

oh man...plz dont give us any dates......wen u urself are never sure of it