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hi puys,

Put down ur name here if u r preparing for CAT 2011
and mention the following information:

1.Institute joined if any and from which State u r.
2.When did u start prepration.
3.Books u have or plan to buy.
4.Number of Hours a day u give to CAT preparation.
5.Weak section/Strong section.
6.Institutes u wish to apply to

my info goes as follows:

1.Joined TIME nd im from Delhi

2.Started preparation on 1st NOv 2010

3.Arun Sharma books for all 3 sections..Wren n martin...Kundan nd Pandey for Quant and plan to buy more books on quant.

4.I study for 10 hours a day.but im gonna increase it to 16 soon.

5.Weak section is quant and strong section is english.

6.The top 20 institutes besides IIMs..


hey can anyone suggest which correspondence course is better TIME or IMS???
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para completion/sentence deletion is all abt forming a meaningful paragraph,in this section a last sentence or initial sentence gets missing and we have to form a meaningful paragraph from the given choices.
Link of previous year's thread: http://www.pagalguy.com/discussions/para-completion-for-cat-2010-25052342

so here's my first TAB-1

People may be attracted to those who have similar attitudes, values, and beliefs and even marry them at least in part on the basis of this similarity because attitudes are highly visible and salient characteristics and they are fundamental to the way people lead their lives. Personality-related characteristics, on the other hand, take much longer to be known. However, once people are in a committed relationship, it is primarily personality similarity that influences marital happiness because being in a committed relationship entails regular interaction and requires extensive coordination in dealing with tasks, issues and problems of daily living. ____.


1)But Nature doesnt really care whether they get along or not, as long as the two procreate.

2)That is why we try to choose someone with the same interests as we, someone from a similar background, with the same values, and with whom we have a lot in common.

3)Hence couples with similar temperaments tend to get along better, and that similar attitudes and beliefs are not an important factor.

4)Where personality similarity is likely to facilitate this process, personality differences may result in more friction and conflict in daily life.

5)Exceptions generally do not arise when some external factors, like interference of in-laws, is playing a role in the couples unhappiness, not their personalities.

4 option i think
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The most popular and prestigious coaching centres are available and have been working brilliantly in Patna. Even then as per my personal view i'll recommend you to join IMS over TIME and CL and others. Reason is except IMS and TIME all others are still in their incubation period. The only similarity you'll find across all national centres of other institutes is in their materials. Well that can't be a criteria to judge something best or better in a particular locality. Hence i'll make it clear by comparing IMS with TIME.

IMS is the first institute of its kind to start its operation in Patna. It has well experienced and permanent faculties which TIME doesn't have unfortunately. Even one of my friends was approached by TIME to fill the vacant place and one of the students of IMS is teaching Quant there.

Infrastructurewise i like IMS. For online CAT, lots of changes have been incorporated there. At any other place you may have to compromise with certain basic amenities, as per my personal observation. TIME appeared much as a cyber cafe to me in my first visit there. Can't say much about the internal figures of TIME as i haven't spent much time there. However i've spend my 2 years at IMS and will recommend you to join it. IMS also gives good exposure of reverand faculties of top B-schools, Industries, something i found with none other institutes.

I'll rather suggest you to visit the place before coming to a conclusion, meet the director, centre head, faculties, attend its free seminars, which are conducted almost every month.

Pros and cons are present everywhere and my last days at IMS added a bit of bitter test there. You may feel that, that place is a heaven for those who want to get topmost rung. For those who think even a bit lower, may not find themselves fully fit and comfortable there. Again this is my personal opinion. I've seen director sir solving out the problems and motivating the students individually and if i'm alright and happy today, its due to him, i must credit the same to him. Even he would get me if you merely spell my username or pg id before him. I'm very fortunate in this aspect.

I've tried to cover all the important points that should be covered. Rest should be your own judgement. Don't go over my words blindly as i may be biased cuz i've been a student of IMS. Go visit the places, talk to the students, faculties and then make a decision. You may also join the group IMS Patna on facebook to contact more students there. All the best.

thanks a lot for replying.your post is surely going to help me in taking right decision about joining the right institute:D

hi i am currently doing btech from iitpatna and looking for a good coaching institute for cat in patna.can u guide me.
himanshu rai

hi i am pursuing btech from iitpatna.can u tell me about the best coaching institute for cat in patna

I am new to this site and want to know how can I improve myself using this site.I am currently in second year btech in IITP and have 2 years to prepare for CAT.

Hi all,
I am himanshu pursuing my btech in electrical from IIT Patna.I am in second year and aim to bell the CAT in my first attempt.Hence I think it's the right time to get involved.Hope will get help and guidance from this site.

himanshu rai

hello i am himanshu,currently pursuing btech from iit patna.
i want earnestly to bell the CAT in my first attempt and will be
looking out for those who can help me or share the same dreams