Puys, All 2012 admission results are almost anounced.
Congratulations to all those who converted.
A request for them.

Please post your overall profile if you have converted to ACE colleges

This one thread is suppossed to help others in the next admission season to plan and also while buying the costly admission forms.

Please Include the following details :
Your CAT/XAT Score through which you converted.
You Graduation Stream and %/GPA
Your 12th %
Your 10th %
Work-Ex if any.

Please bring this information in a single thread, so as rule out the pain of going through individual threads of each college.
Hi Puys,
Could u guys tell me sth?
CAT 2011:
OA--> 91.05%ile

Xth---> 87.75% (West Bengal board)
XIIth--->91.4% (West Bengal Board)
Btech(WBUT) -- DGPA is 9.15

Work Ex-- 41 mnths in IT (32 mnths in IBM, 8 months in a product based company Lexmark)

Very surprisingly I got call from IIM-Bangalore...but all others rejected me...Not even IIM-K

Also , I have applied for IIT-Mumbai,IIT-D, IIT-Kh, IIT-Madras, IIT-R, IIT-K, IMT -Ghaziabad ,MICA--- Any chance for GD/PI calls from?

Also Wanted to know about Great Lakes and IMI,Delhi? Are they worth applying? What about the placements..I am little skeptic about these..

You dont have calls from the new IIMs ??
@All... those who opting for SDM IMD

I am a passout of SDM CET, an engineering college in Karnataka, run by the same management.
And, I have a piece of advice for you guys.
This college is run by a very strict management, and sometimes, its very difficult as any needed change has to get approved from the highest authorities.
No easy marking as compared to may other private colleges.
But it pays in the end.
Go for it, if you are ready for this scenario.
Best of Luck
SR No.:SR7499231
Xth: 79% (First disaster of my life)
XIIth: 75.6% (Second disaster of my life)
UG Course: Mechanical Engg. from Delhi College of Engineering (58.43% - Third disaster of my life)
PG Course: M. Com in International Business Operations - Distance learning from IGNOU (Last disaster of my life - Got a diploma after completing first year with 55.7%, Will do the second year after the MBA - have 5 years to complete the course)
Workex (sector) & years: 32 months on 31 January 2012
(4 months - full time on my start-up
28 months - full time with a leading global research and analytics company and part-time on my start-up)
CAT score(Sectionals as well):
OA: 97.21
QA: 87.53
VA: 99.18
Extra-curriculars: Godly/Super awesome (started and led multiple international automotive research projects; got several awards; appreciated by the online, print and TV media)
I have a few questions:
1.What are my chances with so poor acads? Am planning to use my consistent high scores till 8th class and high ranks/percentiles in IITs/AIEEEs/CATs/FMS, etc. to prove that I am not dumb and due to certain circumstances, my scores suffered.
2. Well this one will seem stupid - Am a good 'writer' (thought process) but a bad 'writer' (handwriting). My handwriting is worse than a 3rd grader and it takes a dozen men to comprehend my handwriting. Do you think it will impact my WA score?
3. I did M.Com. (1 year completed) to get into FMS as I dont have 60% in UG - had a ding from FMS in 2009 despite 99.58%. Will this course go against me? I will tell the Adcom the truth - I did it for FMS and chose M. Com. despite being an engineer because I wanted to learn about international commerce. Being one of the laziest souls on this planet, I havent collected my first year marksheets. Will I need it during PI? Lastly, I have a supply in M. Com. first year which I will clear this June.Overall, I want to know if this course brings more negatives than positives, should i take it off my profile?
4. Apart from my full-time job, I am working on my start-up (we sell electric bikes under our own brand) at nights and on weekends (My employers are aware of this). My start-up is not registered as currently we sell our bikes only in Delhi (we do not need to register ourselves till we reach sales of INR 1 million or start inter-state sales). Hence, regarding the proofs, I only have documentary evidence in the form of mails from suppliers, customer enquiries, mails from my angel investors and incubators, etc. Do I need to get the company registered?

PS: Sorry for such a long post!!!

Interesting!! Why do you want to quit your startup and go for MBA??
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I have cleared all required cutoffs (both CAT and academics) mentioned in the websites of 4 of the 6 new IIMs. But received no emails from any of them. I tried to reach a couple of admissions office through emails and waiting for their reply. Shame that few new IIMs do not have email IDs to contact their admissions department ! IIM Udaipur doesn't have one for sure & IIM Raipur has an email ID which is wrong (email bounces back).

However, I have received an email from IIM K ! Strange !

Any suggestions on how to approach the admissions dept of new IIMs for receiving the email ?

Nobody has recieved an email yet.
just making sure, you tried your registration number on this link, right??
IIM Ranchi | IIMR
Profile :
10th - 82.4% (CBSE)
12th - 62.2% (CBSE)
Graduation - Comp Sc. Engineering - CGPA 7.43/10.

Work Exp : 6 months in IT

CAT Score:
QA -88.53
VA - 78.59
OA - 86.51

Category : NC-OBC

Shortlisted by the 5 new IIMs(Udaipur, Kashipur, Raipur, Ranchi, Trichy)

Do I stand a chance of attending the GDPI??
My CAT 2012 Scores are

Quant - 88.53
Verbal - 78.59
Total - 86.51

10th CBSE 2004 - 82.2%
12th CBSE 2006 - 62.2%

Grad Comp Sc Engineering, Karnataka (2007-11) - 74.3%

6 months work experience in Accenture

Which MBA colleges should I look for?
My CAT 2012 Scores are

Quant - 88.53
Verbal - 78.59
Total - 86.51

10th CBSE 2004 - 82.2%
12th CBSE 2006 - 62.2%

Grad Comp Sc Engineering, Karnataka (2007-11) - 74.3%

6 months work experience in Accenture

Which MBA colleges should I look for?
Hello everyone...
I will write my graduation final exams in the month of june and fet my result on 1st of july.. Am I eligible for the SBI PO or SBI Associates PO exam?
Guys.. which number should I call?
The toll free number is not reachable and the one that ends with 3250 is a FAX number... i hear fax tones after call is received...