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Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
Here is some surprising news for those tracking the demand for the Common Admission Test (CAT). Despite a marginally higher number of registrations in 2011 compared to CAT 2010, the actual turnout of test-takers in 2011

when i gave dce.. at 406/600 marks my rank was 1205 for the general cat and a reserved candidate's rank was 8th..talk about reservation..i felt like a douche bag after seeing the result..:(

ims key


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my tf score : score

incorrect question also attempted..:(

main to gaya

sec 1 : 44
sec 2 : 17
i get real tired after the 1st section...any suggestions on how to prevent that?
any1 with same issues?

3*34*199*3/236 any quick method to find remainder?

how did you deduce the relation...?

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awesome cover page...read the last last edition...was looking forward to this one....seriously the cover page was totally mind blowing...:D

Hats off!!!!

cud u gimme d reason for E coz i think d same!!

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