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kick ass bhai wats DC plz elaborate.

hey friends...

is there any possibility that i can fill up JMET form now.Even the last date is today cud u plz put in ur suggestions.

actually i had decided earlier not to go for this one but then few days ago i was told to fill it up in my personal councelling sessions.

anyways if u can help me out,i wud appreciate.


hey!!! sorry mod. for posting the link.wud keep in mind in future.

and maverick....the search solved my problem,i got many links of tht movie,i didnt knew the search option was that fruitful cos i once searched in kazaa and it gave me plethora of crap links.

anyways thanx...i m using limewire and areslite.tell me if they r good enough in terms of spyware and virus threats this is the first time m using them.and tell me one more thing do their any versions have downld scheduling options. if yes,cud neone plz give me the links for the same. the one's i m using doesnt have this option.

hello??? why this thread has become so stagnant ?

hi guys

i need your help. I have an ftp link which is of a movie(the ring 2) but i dont know how to download it and which s/w to use. i have tried installing softwares like limewire,arselite,ftpAce3 but nothing seems to be working.i dont know much about ftp sharing.all i have heard is on this forum itself and really want to know more of ftp and how does it work since ppl are talking about it every now and then.the link is not opening directly by cliking it.

this is the link which i need to download:

i hope to get some quick response


hello frnds

i have recently cleared my first campus intrvw of a company called Infobeans Ltd. which is basically a indore based firm which works on .Net & J2EE platform. it has its branches in pune and indore.and its total workforce is around 60 people.now the problem is tht they r providing with a very mild package of 1.2--1.5 and there r many companies yet to come. plz help me out tht whether i shud go for it if i dont get selected in some other one's which are yet to come.

do these companies have any reputation bcoz i have to do MBA after gaining some work ex. for around 2 yrs.

plz help me out guys.

thanx in advance
(i m an engg. final yr. student from CS branch).

hi guys.....how r u doing?

didnt want to start a new thread,so posting here coz its related to this thread.

i want a frend of mine to share a folder (200MB approx.),contains mp3 files, at my PC. since i have heard this cud be done thru ftp,want to know how cud it be done ?? i dont know much about it so plzz be elaborative. wat all do i need etc ???? btw i have used ARES ,not much though but found it good.

thanx in advance
in hope to get a quick response

read it 2 months ago and was so engrossed in it tht i finished it in 2 days,happened to be my fastest finish till whatever i have read,never managed to read nething with tht pace.

and the best thing i liked in it, the anagrams,that keep u involved and binded to the suspense all the time but the end was really disappointing as already said, i agree. all in all it was a good read.never got bored while reading it.

have read one more of dan brown (deception point) but not as good as DVC.

hello guys.......

back with a problem.....i need to change my HDD as i have only 10GB space right now.i went to get a 80GB HDD but was told tht it is not compatible with my system.so i m left with 40GB option but the difference in cost is minimal.

my pc's configuration is as follows:

intel p3 processor
651 MHz

os-windows XP professional-2002 with service pack 1

at one shop i was suggested tht bios cud be changed to make it compatible i mean updated,how a bios gets updated ?.tell wat shud i go for ? and wether the bios change is a risk or i shud go for 40GB.furthermore one thing is kept to be in mind tht there shudnt be any problem if i get my bios changed to make it (80GB) compatible with my system

guys plzz help me out

waitin for ur response


hi all

me shobhit from PT-jaipur and already given ct-01 on monday and believ me guys it was a real eye opener for me , need to go long way .results r out.... scores r not as good as u all guys but manage to get 43. though i found the EU section easy and DI a little tougher , EU was the section where i scored the least,wil have to be very careful from next time onwards.

well my scores are

DI - 17
EU - 8
QA - 18

lets discuss the paper and the strategies once all r thru with it.

bye for now
take care

hi guys

gr88 thread never thought of improving my vocab by the softwares u've given.they'r real good.

but stil, does anyone knows about ne dictionary(soft copy) or s/w which tells us the word in proximity if we provide it with the meaning(contextual or dictionary). bcoz there r many events and situations to which we need a particular word but we feel handicapped if we dont know it. so is there nething to whicch we cud explain the meaning and it gives the right word to us.

if there is anything of that sort then it wud be really benefitial for us to a large extent.i know i m sounding sceptical,but cant resist myself asking this to a forum where nethng cud be possible.if u think this is fatuous then i m really sorry.

bye for now guys
take care n have limited fun coz cat is fairly near.