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@70291testengine oh sorry!

@70291testengine it is guljarilal nanda

is there a fb page for sibm calls getters?

hey guys, there was this gdpi book uploaded at pg, but its not available now, any seniors who may hav a pdf copy pls do let me kno, thanks!

Got the IIFT call here are the particulars
Section - Marks obtained/Cutoff
Quant - 8 / 6
Logic DI - 17.25 / 8.917
Verbal - 13.75 / 7
GK - 2.66 / 1.66
Total - 41.66
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Guys, last yr the lowest general cutoff was 42, this time, considering the fact it was an easy paper, they are expecting the lowets cutoff to be 48, so consequently, if the SC cutoff rises by the same percentage, the cutoff this year should be around 39.9 , lets hope its a bit less!

guys, ccan someone tell me which goodinstitutes under xat have reservation?

well v can onli estimate, if u get 13 right in quant n 15 in verbal, ur total score will be 84-5=79
multiply this by 2.5, u get 197.5/450, check the last year ka spreadsheet, ull get an estimate

anyone els gave 2days cat (eve slot) ??

ya, my quant was horrible ( i usually attempt 15-18 with 95 percent accuracy, i could attempt 16 properly, one di set was tricky so i m not sure how many r right of the 2 i attemptd, i did mistakes on 2 easy questions) basically quant was moderate, one could attempt around 18 n get all correct....verbal was good, logic was v v easy, RC had 9 questions, 7 wer v easy, parajumbles wer a bit tricky, fillin in the correct words n sent correction wer easy, complete the paragraph was also a bit tricky..