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Dear Jeremy,

Appreciate if you could please help with my queries below:

My Profile

  1. Good grades during school (90% and 86% in 10th and 12th respectively)
  2. BTech Mechanical Engg - IIT Delhi (CGPA: 7.4 / 10)
  3. Worked as software engineer with Oracle Corp, India for 21 months. Quality of experience - average, though I think I can manage a decent recco.
  4. Shifted to a leading European I-Bank in Mumbai. Have completed a year as an Analyst in the investment banking team. Quality of experince - Outstanding. Will manage a strong recco here.
  5. GMAT: 780 (Quant: 51, English: 46)
  6. Have completed a couple of NCFM modules and plan to appear for CFA 1 in Dec07.
  7. Average extra-curriculars at college.
  8. Community service - zilch
I intend to apply to the following schools this year:
  1. Wharton (dream app)
  2. Chicago (dream app)
  3. Columbia
  4. Tuck
  5. Stern
Based on your past experience, could you please advise on the below:

1. Chances I stand at the above schools
2. Things I need to work on to better my chances.
3. Other schools I can target with a Finance specialisation in mind.



Hi Guys,

I am planning to take Gmat in a month.
I have got OG v11 xeroxed.
I am trying to get Kaplan 800.
I still need Manhattan SC guide. It would be great if somebody could lend it for a day for xerox.



My percentile scores:

DI : 80.17 -- 8 marks
QA: 99.36 -- 18.33 marks
VA: 99.66 -- 27.33 marks

Total: 99.7 -- 53.66 marks

Call from IIM K only.


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Call from K only.
Expected score:
DI : 8
QA : 18
EU :29 (CL key)

X : 90.4
XII : 85.6
CGPA :7.4 (IITD)

19 months s/w work ex.


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