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Its really tough to compare two schools in absolute way. It probably depends on what you want from the school !! So I would suggest asking two same questions of what you are looking for in both ABS thread and Velrick thread and decide for yourself.

Good to see a thread on ABS.

I am got an admit to both MIF at ABS and MFM at Vlerick.

Received schol from both schools. MIF - 9000 euros and 3000 from Vlerick, of course Velrick is still cheap.

Could anybody suggest the better from the two?

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I am not sure if you read my previous post. I will graduate from ABS this year !!!

Another reason why I know so much of information is because, ABS has a very small class of which some people are planning to go back to their own country, and some are not even interested in taking up jobs. So finally only few people are left and I am one of them.

Honestly, I fell in love with this country too. Yes, if you are smart ( smart only in economic sense) you would stay back in texas. But sometimes money is not the only reason we make certain choices, atleast it wasn't for me when I was making my choice for job.

To be honest, I have lived in the US so long I need a change of scenery. I lived in the The Hague for a few months last year and fell in love with the country. Extremely friendly people and very intelligent. But if I was smart, I would stay in Texas, the economy here is very good (thanks in part to oil). And even for tech related jobs (especially Austin).

I have a question for you. How come you know so much information about ABS MBA graduates? Did you go to school there or live there?

Just curious.

I can imagine , what it would feel like if you have to go back to US after MBA in ABS.

The class of MBA is 100% international students. Lot (around 70%) of students who have been seriously looking for internships found them, in the fields they are interested in.(none of these are technical fields ). In another couple of months I have a feeling that most people will end up with something. However , not many wanted to get into marketing either. (mostly people were looking for something in investment banks, consulting, risk management etc etc.) I know someone who got a marketing internship as well.(non-dutch speaking).

So in general, given the current (recovering) market scenario , the situation is pretty good. If you are from US , I believe you have a good chance of finding a marketing job, because its generally perceived that US nationals are very good in marketing.( This is my personal bias as well).

You are right, Dutch economy is very good. Though dutch people have good command on English, they will like if you can speak dutch ,which I think is very much understandable.

Just curious, what is the reason you want to come to Netherlands , that too after graduating from UT Austin ?


Thanks a lot for all the info you have provided. I have about 5 years of relevant marketing experience from the US. I would hate to get an MBA from ABS and have to come back to the states because that degree would be absolutely useless here.

I'm trying to figure out what experiences international students have had obtaining non-technical jobs in Amsterdam. I know the Dutch economy along with the German is much better than anywhere else in Europe. Plus, I have lived in the Netherlands and their command of English is quite good, maybe the best after native speakers.

If anyone has any thing else to add, please do so. As they say, knowing if half the battle.

Can you please provide a profile of your brother who graduated from ABS?

The original user who posted was just messing around. Its highly unlikely for someone who just graduated out of college, to earn over 100K Euros in Europe.(I am not saying its not possible). Besides the original poster has no credibility, its his first post.

I'm thinking of applying, but I'm skeptical about job placement. Here is my profile:

American Citizen
GMAT 620
Bachelors and MS from USA (University of Texas at Austin)

I plan to get a job in marketing. I'm sure all of you guys are in the tech industry, which makes it easier in my opinion to secure a job. I do understand that in Netherlands, like in the US, they provide international students with 1 year to look for a job without a visa. This is definitely a plus!

You nationality is your biggest strength. However, to get a marketing job, dutch language could be your barrier. Coming from tech industry, and doing a MBA and finding job is not that easy either. Especially in Europe, if you come from a background of marketing, you have a chance of getting lot of interview callsfor marketing positions rather than for Analyst/Associate positions in investment banks.(this is just an example) But most people, who come to MBA are looking for a career switch and its not that easy in Europe, unless you have a good story which can connect your choices.

Any thoughts and suggestion would be highly appreciated!


I am working for a Management Consulting Firm in Strategy division. I am currently working on exploring new business opportunities to help the client transition into new markets, using their existing competence. In short a new business plan development for a client.Cant reveal more information than this.

I am glad to know that the ABS office is working on getting those numbers.

Regarding the University , please ask me specific questions. I will be glad to answer your questions.

If someone want PPT you should send mail to Sherien or Christina so that you can get a updated copy. Dutch people are generally very direct and transparent so just shoot them a mail directly.

Well i did drop a few mails to the MIF programme coordinator sherien ibrahim and she did respond well.
She even gave me a Powepoint file about the placements.The placement figures werent the best for both MBA and MIF(a little amiguity is there though).This is mainly down to the eurozone crisis.If anybody wants the ppt just pm me

Could you elaborate your profile,the job you have secured and your overall experience at the univerisity?

It is not regarded high in Netherlands.
The top colleges in Netherlands are RSM & Nyenrode.. also Tiasnimbas.
Amsterdam has weak or no placements. They do not provide the placement reports where as other colleges do. Getting a job is difficult after graduating from here
They are not ranked in ft business school.
I suggest you put your money either in Top 20 in India or in RSM.
good luck.
I also got an admit from them but did not go ahead because of the reasons above.

I am current student of ABS. There are few things I would agree and disagree from the list above. It really doesn't matter if I agree or if I don't , but the analysis that I provide could be insightful to some of you.

It is not regarded high in Netherlands.

I wouldn't completely disagree on this but its good to dissect the truth and understand the scenario rather then make conclusions . People do not know ABS much, but UvA is very highly regarded university. I had to explain in the interview that UvA also has MBA program. This can be tied to the fact that the class size is really small and the program is very young and not many companies yet know about it.

The only interview I attended I was selected for the kind of job I really wanted and I could say there was no bias towards the name of the school and this was the case with another friend of mine as well. When I was being interviewed, they were very curious why I choose ABS over RSM, but as long as one could explain with a good story,they don't care where you come from.

Coming from Indian background I can understand how much emphasis we place on the name of the school. Its tough to understand that the name of the school is irrelevant to a large extent, especially in Netherlands.

Now the big question - where does the name of the ABS matter ?
If you are planning to look for a job outside of Netherlands in Europe, especially the investment banks in London ,MBA from ABS is not yet there. But if you are planning to look for a job within Netherlands, the name UvA is strong enough to get you into any job you like as long as you have the potential. Even in the European scenario only problem you would encounter is to secure a interview call. But if you could pull this off which is quite possible if you know someone working there, you still have a chance even into these investment banks.

The top colleges in Netherlands are RSM & Nyenrode.. also Tiasnimbas.Amsterdam has weak or no placements. They do not provide the placement reports where as other colleges do. Getting a job is difficult after graduating from here.

This boils down to the question - what do you mean by top college ? Professors who teach here are highly regarded in Netherlands. I wouldn't claim that 100% of the teachers are great. But I can say 70% of them are very good.

Regarding the placement report - I gave my feedback to admissions officer on this sometime back and they are looking into it.

As I explained before getting a job depends more on you. I would agree on the difficult part but not in the context that you used. Its difficult because the concept of job placement is totally different here. I will explain this in detail in the next post.

They are not ranked in ft business school.
I would put it this way - "They are not yet ranked in FT Business School"

I suggest you put your money either in Top 20 in India or in RSM ?
Again it depends on the underlying reasons on which your argument is based. There is too much of difference between colleges in India and let me split them into 3 bands .

Top 5
If you are from IIM-ABC , you will have a strong international brand for sure.
You will have campus placements and you are sure of a job as soon as you graduate in a great firm. If you get a call from here you should definitely opt this.

Top 5 - 10 in India.
Not even a international brand name.
Strong campus placement but very less chance of ending up in job you would like to do.

Top 10 - 20.
I am not really sure about those colleges but I even doubt how good the placements could be.


Either you get a job which you like or you don't get anything.
No campus placements because that's not the trend here.
Opportunities never come knocking on your door but you have to go around and look for them. But if you do you have lot more options here.
Good work life balance in most of the jobs here.
International exposure and tremendous networking opportunities.

All of the above with additional advantage of strong international brand name for business school but comes with the disadvantages of less ROI and huge class size.

We have few classes with part-timers when the class strength goes beyond 50 and I have to admit I particularly don't like that because the chance of my involvement reduces significantly when compared to class size of 25.

Knowing the facts it's for you to decide what is right and wrong.

PS:- I might slightly be biased to my school but I tried my best to present information neutrally.

Feel free to drop me a email if you need more information regarding the school.
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stringsOfMba Says
Did you get a mail for the reject from someone or did u say the decision link in your application?

I found the reject on the decision link in my application ??
By look it seems, some of the R1 invites went out close to 10 days afer application deadline. I m not sure the same happening for R2 as I cant see any invite notes on this thread for R2. Any news people ?

Just want to add (for benefit of some) that I went for the class visit + Olin Autumn Welcome in St Louis. I liked it .. both students and prof are resourceful and Dean, an Indian, has achieved a lot for school. Only thing odd - I was the only Indian among 200 students who attended.

Here it goes...yet another reject for this unlucky soul !!
not to worry man.
it took them more than 3 weeks to get back after the in-person i/vs held in india in the first week of dec.

Thanks v1shwanath.

I am soo relieved now. Looks like they are updating the results now . I am not able to login to the system for last 24 hours.

I had my interview on 15th Jan. I am still waiting for their response. I am getting tensed now .