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Set 183

my take for SET 183

(2) congenital; education
(4) observers; concede
(3) disingenuous; victims
AnkitCat2012 Says
Should be n/n+5 according to me.

shud be n+1/n+2....
OrganizedChaos Says
Can you elaborate little more on the question ?

can somebody explain how rupee appreciation/depreciation takes place what are the reasons for the same...in general how a country's currency is valued against Dollar..
Its fairly okay.

Students I am worried about have approx 6K

Students I have pegged as good performers in English tend to have 18-22K

I got a score of 17K. My biggest worry is there are so many words which when I see I recognise them. However, I don't remmember their meaning or context of use. How to overcome this problem?

Also, if I practise GMAT 1000 RC's and SC will it be enough for CAT too. I want real help in LR/Analytical I think my weakest point is reasoning wherein I am very slow in cracking it, also in exam I feel it I will not be able to crack it and after spending some time I leave it. Any suggestions on this..
Astha A @astha_a
_IIM Indore campus (*Photo: Naveen Gupta*)_ As many as 126 companies visited the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Indore for final placements for the PGP batch of 2010-12. According to the placement team

I have seen a guy frm IIM-K doing a stupid job in TCS also heard In Infy a guy from IIM-I is a consultant and bt has to learn the technology first to start consulting...so bottomline is someone from non-IT/fresher gets into consulting especially in Indian IT company is goin to have a bad exp...because kinda job they are made to do for mere 7-8 lakh/anum..these are true figures..

Hi Puys,
I have a dilemma regarding my next move in the IT sector. I am with Infosys for the past 3 years. I wanted to shift from Infy because of

go for Oracle on any day, it's a product based company and moreover a better brand name than CSC. It is always better to be in product based firm when compared to a service based firm(CSC). You will have a better work environment with small teams, flexible office timings and good opportunity to learn. Al d Best!!
couldnt dwnld this book,the link is not redirected to the book
someone please mail me this book , karuturi15@gmail.com
thanks :)

Try it in latest version of IE or Mozilla....
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One from the movie 'The International' - 'Many times a man meets his destiny on the way he took to avoid it'
Feel its vry true..

bs0409 Says
Yes, But how did you do it??????

x^4 -1 = x(x^3 - 1) ...1 gives one factor of eqn as 1.

now put the value of x in the given eqn. to find f(a) as Rem(f(x)) = f(a)

you get 1+1+1+1 = 4

now check in answer options which gives 4 for x = 1
allan89 Says
What is the sum of all positive rationals p/30 (in lowest terms) which are less than 10?

400 it is..

300/2 x 300(1 - 1/2)(1 - 1/3)(1 - 1/5)/30 = 400

sum of all coprimes till 300.. as 300/30 = 10 need to find all nos coprime to 30..