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sorry for posting an off-topic question but I will be very thankful if someone enlightens me about where to get to know these notifications of job openings in Banks, SSC, PSUs. Regards.
hello rajesh @hellorajesh
Hey just google the words 'govt bank jobs' and you'll get plenty of websites.
@tan009 said: hi guys i am thinking about Commerce & Accountancy as my optionals for 2013. Public admin is the other one.Can anybody throw light on it.i mean is it a scoring subject ?Plz advise.one more thing I was very eager to know .......is it necessary to do the preparation at delhi only? can anybody suggest good classes at PUNE?Puys plz reply .........very much confuson over delhi and Pune ?and Geography and Commerce & Acco.?Plz reply
Could any one throw light over this Pune Delhi confusion? Heard that Coaching & Material availability at Delhi is better than at Pune for Comm&A;/cs. Is it true? Some 2-3 yrs back, there was this CA girl from Pune who took Cmm&A;/cs as optional but went to Delhi for want of proper coaching & materials at Pune. She did become IAS & created confusion about this optional for us! Should we follow her to Delhi or Not?

Kindly Advise:

I am planning to appear CSE 2013. (which will be my first attempt). But I am presently stuck somewhere till Mid-November 2012 and wont be able to start my preparations till then. I want to know whether its possible to clear prelims & then mains if I start my preparations so late from Mid-November 12?

Note: I will starting my preparations from scratch. No prior studies...nada..zero..zilch!

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Anyone plz explain why is it so?
The number of ways in which n distinct things can be distributed to r different persons =r^n

It will be a great help to me...

suppose there are 5 pens and 3 persons. Each pen can be given to 1st, 2nd or 3rd person...i.e. 3 ways...total no. Ways in which 5 pens can be distributed = 3*3*3*3*3 = 3^5 ways:)
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Yes dude .
Itx necessary
If u dnt have den apply for it in TATKAAL scheme .
although 2nd deadline will pe passed by den u can apply for a passport in tatkaal scheme and can register by 3rd deadline payin sum extra bucks

why do we require the passport'? I mean what information from passport exactly is required for enrollment? I had applied for passport 2 months earlier (on 13.6.11) and ideally should have received it by now..but I am still waiting for it :-(. What if i obtain my passport number from passport office so as not to miss the second deadline on 24 august? Would that suffice? Or do i have to attach the xerox copy of same while enrollment? Urgent reply required...
If N is a natural number, N has 4 factors and summation of factors excluding N is 31, how many values of N are possible?
P.S. I dont have the OA.
what is the remainder when 39! is divided by 41?
Hey puys, is passport a prerequisite for cfa enrollment? What is the alternative if I dont have one?
Hey puys, can you please solve this one...m stuck with it...
In triangle ABC, BC is 20, altitude from A to BC is 12. A rectangle DEFG is inscribed in triangle ABC with D on AB, E on AC and both F and G on BC. The maximum possible area of rectangle DEFG is
Most probably jain sir iska OA denge 19/45
This is from Arun Sharma, and I am totally not satisfied with the solution!
Guys apna approach bataiye plz...