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did you receive the mail?
I did not receive yet.

Ya mails have started coming in..
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i registered for December level 1 couple of days back using a credit card. I got two mails after this. One was CFA Program Registration Confirmation and the other was Acceptance of Order. In the CFA page I have got a order number too. Would I receive any mail after the payment is transferred?? I heard that the payment normally takes time as it is done in a foreign currency. And after how many days will the books be shipped? Any information would be of great help.


Hey no need to do anything more now.Payment gets done instantly..U shud receive the books in abt 10-15 days from payment date..
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hey.. i sent a sevice request to change the test centre to Mumbai yesterday itself but when I accessed my account, I was shocked.. It showed New Delhi..

Sent a mail to customer service with all d details ..Lets see...

Or should I submit sevice request for change of test centre??

Yes its better to drop a mail rather than reopen a change center request.
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r2k Says
@ankur07arora : So while registering for l1 dec 2010 since at present India is not a center , which center did you select for the exam ??

As of now, u can select any test center like colombo or dubai..Later when they get approval for india test centres u can surely change it.
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hey guys i am based in delhi-NCR right now.
need info on how to get material for CFA level-1

how much will the original material cost from CFA institute?
will i have to pay for it extra apart from exam fees or is it provided free with exam registration?.

the original material will be delivered to ur home once u register for the exam on the website for 1100 USD..no extra payments for the study notes are required.
ozycool Says
how one shud rate the kaplan material...begineer,inter or same as CFA institute notes?which are the test cntrs nearer to india?

From what I could research Kaplan notes are at a level lower than CFA institute notes.So from studying point of view that would be better.I wud rate Kaplan notes a bit higher than beginners level.Test centers close to India are Nepal and Sri Lanka.
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hello ther...
m new to this forum....
im planning to give L1 this june..
wht r basic requirements one shud be ready with...?
n which is preffered material for L1?

You can start off with reading Kaplan Schweser notes available in the market.A very basic knowledge of finance along with the notes should give u a good start.Later u can register n study from the CFA institute notes that come along.
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pls ne1 tell me the books or links 4m which i can prepare the basics of finance nd accounts...........

NAME of the book PLEASE
ne help would b appreciated


i just completed my b.tech

This is a really good link for accounts basics.Hope you like it..

Financial Accounting : Basic/Fundamental Accounting Process
pls tell me a good book 4m which i can start preparing the basics of accounts nd finance

I DONT hav any beforehand knowledge about them.................

pls i hav around 1 spare mnth
so help me puys!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey the best way to start accounting basics is to read a First Year Junior College Financial Accounts textbook.I am aware of books in Mumbai.But not sure if they wil be available in ur area.
arkos Says
Hi frnds some suggestions needed. will a bank PO job do any good for tht ultimate finance pursuit? or an IT job is better? i've an option to join TCS or federal bank. really confused on which one to pick

Please restrcit ur posts to CFA discussions.On ur qsn:
If you are very sure that u wud like to pursue a finance career then my suggestion wud be to go for a Bank job rather than an IT job.TCS has a gr8 reputation though it might not be beneficial as regards to a finance career unless u get into a finance vertical out there.the final call is urs..
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