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heyyyyy i called icici helpdesk and they told results will be out next week onlyyyyyy........:splat::splat::splat::splat:

why no messages here???????..dude any news about results??????

all give up hope???????

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mannn..this long wait is killing actually.....im fed up with all things.......

soooo result wont be out today na.....:drinking::drinking:

soooooo again to wait wait and wait....

hey friends im also waiting for the results.....

got enuuff waiting during last time(april) and im not keeping much hope this time as only very few people are selected from my place ie kerala....

anyway i waitng waiting waiting like u....as sumthing called luck factor may play this time for me..

hey friends,i got selected in this iba,banglore..

can you please share information regarding college life and placements..

disappointed with the icici results..i am from kerala and when i go through two list, only 5 or 6 selected from kerala even though hundreds of students attended the personal interview...dont know how they selecting students..

i know some 10 guys who attended the gd/pi and none of them selected...

and i had given my best in gd and pi......totally mad with the things going and

any idea when will be the next list publishing?did anyone called icici help desk regarding the same?

most of the guys got selected joining the icici?...

any one from kerala got confirmation mail?gd/pi held in kochi feb 17th

just called icici helpdesk...

the results will be publishing next week only and their is no chance for today..

guys,leave the icici waiting.its of no use.it will come by next wednesday or so i think..

now just leave the worries.....

the days supposed to be are all over..now no idea about results..and still same answer from icici helpline for the past 10 days..guys,any updates?

patience is turning into frustration..:drinking::drinking:

GskuMar Says
damn it... dude i believed u for few seconds

he he he...gud joke...so 31st of march ended..they promised result within this month..now waiting for april..huh?getting mad and mad....

for the first time in life, attended all unknown numbers(mostly bla bla mba colleges) with high polite and respect thinking call may be from icici..