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Congratulations PGs!
Haffun @ B

Me didn't make it in B as well as K.:(
So, am off to Jamshedpur !


Got in!

I believe it's the profile they gave a lot of weightage to.
Had a quickie intvw; did decent but not that well, ok considering it was my first MBA intvw since 2004.

Work ex - 20 months;12 in a Big 4 Consulting division
Degree - BE (EEE) BITS Pilani
XAT % - 99.09


P.S. - It includes the usual disclaimer and does not mention name nor programme as had been pointed out.

You have been selected for the Programme for which you have applied to XLRI Jamshedpur.
Please wait for the official letter from the Chairperson, Admissions, XLRI Jamshedpur.
... Chairperson , Admissions

Was asked about France 'cos I am from Pondicherry.
The IIM B panel always had a reason to ask these kinda qns. but not so in IIM K. We had one prof in the panel who kept spouting random GK qns.


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Hi pple,

Mine was at 2pm, IIMB campus, 21/3/2006
Profile : 20 months work ex, BE (Hons.) EEE
Profs: Amit Gupta (OB & HRM)
Ashok Thampy (Fin & Control)

Group: 5 guys and a girl (mostly freshers)

Case was about a tourist island. The president is approached by a mining syndicate saying that natural gas is available and asking him for mining rights for the next 10 years. The Fin. minister supports this saying that their GDP would treble in 5 years and jobs would be generated. On the contrary, the Interior Affairs minister warns abt the adverse effets of mining (sustainability/loss of tourism potential etc.). The president's friend also mentions that this syndicate is notorious for overthrowing the government in a similar small nation in a coup. What should the president do?

GD went off peacefully. Pretty cool 'cos there were only 6 pple. Led the discussion along with another guy.:satisfie:
Summarising the entire thing for 15 long min was tuffer. At one point, AG had to sternly reiterate that he was supposed to give us 15 whole mins, 'cos all of us were looking at him instead of at the sheet.

I was 2nd in. Was asked about present work for some 7-8 min (Information Risk Mgmt, SOX Act, Controls etc.). Then, asked abt the difference between Electrical & Electronics. I had googled abt this a long time back, but cudn't come to any conclusion. So, I spoke about high power/low power difference. Then, said there was no difference (for eg. in MS Electrical Engineering, pple study electronics), and that it was just conventional naming. Then, moved on to saying that generation, transmission etc. of power is done through electrical devices. AG asked me whether a fan is an electric or electronuic device. And then again for a mobile. Told him that, the power circuits in the mobile are electrical in nature and the RF transceiver is electronic in nature. Now, he moved onto Analog vs. Digital. Answered it.

Asked why my grades slipped from 1st year As to 3rd year Ds. Told them that I'd lost interest in Electronics (dumb!??:). Asked me where my interest was. Told em abt my being the Jt. Coordinator of the EEE association paradoxically and what we do.

They asked me what was hot in France right now? Told them abt the job law (
Then, asked me the last non fiction book read. Remembered 'China wakes' and told em abt it.

And that was it.
Last interview over
Awaiting results from B, K and XL.


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Got B and K :satisfie:

QA 95.14
VA 99.87
DI 85.48
Tot 99.63

This was my 3rd attempt

The very best to all of ya!


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QA - 95.47
VA - 99.53
GA - 94.78
Overall - 99.6


Section Name Percentage Rel. Percentage Percentile

QA 28.44 46.37 95.47
VA 47.69 73.81 99.53
GA 25.71 37.5 94.78

Total 35.05 76.04 99.6


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Hi guys,

my scorecard,
% score percentile estimated score
QA 28.44 46.37 21.33
VA 47.69 73.81 31
GA 25.71 37.5 9

Tot 35.05 76.04 61.33

These guys are always "trying" to be different, aren't they!


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Count me in too guys!

But i knew i wouldn't be getting calls though

DI - 73.91
QA - 91.37
VA - 99.96

Overall - 99.31

1yr workex and BE(EEE) from BITS Pilani
91% in 10th
98% in 12th

I hope I(IIM-Indore) liberates a few members from our sad state!

Its gonna be Yo HO HO and a Bottle of Rum tonight!!!!!!

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