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Final result as in the Final Admit?........or the Call for Interview...??

thnx in advance..... :)

The results for final admits are declared by Nov end for those who have applied in R1

count me also in, Hedgehog told about meet up in some other post. Followed it to this post. Planning to give gmat in first half of may. Count me in puys.:thumbsup:

Suggest when & where to meet ?
Hello Friends,

Trying gmat for first time. Following is short snippet of my accomplishments.

B.Tech(Chemical): 8.03(CGPA).
I have experience of around 2.5 years. Will be applying for first cycle to ISB. Planning to take a date for gmat in may first/second week. Staying in mumbai.

Wish to interact with you guys relating to the gmat and isb admissions. Is there a thread or study group for Mumbai for gmat. Please point out if any.

yes there is a study group for GMAT takers in mumbai. You can find it under gmat and related discussions.
A few people including me are planning for a meet in mumbai, if you want to come then let us know and we can decide on the date and venue....
WORK EX - 4.5 years of Media & Mass Comm work ex
ACADS : Management Grad with ordinary scores.

Targeting ISB cycle 1 - i think the deadline is in June '11.

Can anybody share details of when they will call for interviews & what is the kind of GMAT score required to make the cut .

Have started with basic quant should move onto OG - OG is going to be my bible for next 2 months . Will be happy to co -ordinate with fellow mumbaikars & discuss GMAT study strats .



Well the deadline for R1 for the last two years has been 31st Aug, and this year it should also be around the same time. They give calls for interview around Oct end.
Since u dont have an IT background a gmat score of 700 would be suffcient for a call, most of it depends on your essay though.

hope this helps
here2learn Says
Hey if I plan to take GMAT in the month of May, am I late in getting a slot booked?

it pretty much depends on the city you are appearing in....
In any case you would get a desired slot if you book it 5-6 weeks in advance....
Where shall i get these books from?
Kindly reply

U can buy all the books online from flipkart.com

Ammy997 Says
was jus goin thru all the posts...n saw many of u all having work experience..is work experience mandatory for getting admission in a good b-school??actly i was planning to appear for 2012-13 gmat..thats like just after the completion of my graduation..:lookround:

for isb work ex of 2 yrs is mandatory ....

I'm from hyderabad.. planning to take Gmat in June and plans to apply in R1.
Exp 2 years, IT pool, aiming for 750+ in Gmat..

I am very new to GMAT and clueless abt it. Please guide me how to start the preparation.
Should I take a diagnostic test first? Which books to refer? details on which coaching classes to join?
Wat are the parameters for applying to ISB? any cutoffs in GMAT for isb?

Except the last questions all u'r questions have been answered in the previous posts.....
Officially isb says there is no cut off and they even admit some students with scores of 640 (with exceptional profiles), but the truth is that majority of the students applying have a score of 700+ so that pushes the average to around 710, and a score below 700 is considered below average. Hope that clears u on the "cut offs"
hi all,
Amit here.. have jsut made up mind to give GMAT this year.. can anyone advice me when should i schedule my GMAT exam?? Also, what material I should use for studying. Can anyone provide soft copy of that material.

My profile - 1.6 yrs experience in IT industry.. what score should i target??

We can give u advice on when to take the gmat but dude its upto your prep .. when u start hitting your target score in the mocks then book a date and take the exam ....
plz refer to the previous posts on this thread for the study material to use ...
can u share a little bit more about your profile ....
Hi guys,

suppose a guy scores 600+ in first attempt and then 700+ in 2nd attempt.

will the average be taken or something?

Please explain.

Just a random thought in mind..so put it here.

As per isb they take your best score and not the average.
Well strategy is dynamic and person-specific; as you embark upon your GMAT preparation, you would discover your areas of strengths and weakensses, and would be well-adviced to tweak your strategy accordingly. Nevertheless, would try to capitulate few things that we have seen students falter with. Almost all points I mention below would seem common-sensical, but it hurts to see how many aspirants still don't observe these:

1. Resist the temptation of taking a mock GMAT test till you reach at least some level of preparation. Without prepration, your score in the mock test would be (most likely) low as well as unrepresentative of the areas that you should focus on, for further improvement. Essentially, to even know what your weak areas are, you should know something about those areas.

2. Tests are just a tool for assessing your level of preparation; they cannot serve as a preparation tool. So, don't fall into the rut of giving scores of tests, in the hope that your preparation/scores would improve with every test. That doesn't happen.

3. Before the actualy exam, give at least 2-3 full length tests (including the one hour AWA). Maintaining around 4 hours of peak concentration doesn't come easy.

4. If you think you are strong in (say) Quant, that is all the more a reason why you should not neglect your strong area and prepare well. After all, you are likely to not score sterlingly well in your weak area; so you should target scoring exceptionally well in your strong areas. In short, capitalize on your strengths and build upon your weaknesses.

Needless to say, any strategy that you have, is just an aid and not a substitute for rigorous prepration. At the risk of sounding cliched, nothing can beat sound preparation.

Lastly, while life doesn't generally give second chances, GMAT is an exception: ). So, on the exam day, don't deem it a life-and-death issue, since you would then run the risk of stressing yourself out, resulting in a sub-optimal performance on the exam day. Have known people scoring 700+ on GMATPrep and 580 on the actualy test...most unfortunate.

GMAT Faculty @ EducationAisle
GMAT - 99th Percentile, MBA - ISB

Thanks Ashish, nice to have u here :cheerio:

Since u r a gmat faculty, wanted to ask u which mock tests scores come nearest to the actual GMAT score ?
Hi guys,

After reading all the posts(so far) and discussing about gmat prep m/ls.i came to conclusion that following books i will follow throughly b4 taking gmat.

1-Manhattan SC book
2-OG 12
3-Manhattan cr
4-Manhattan rc

Kindly somebody explain me about the book power score bible...
what's the full name of the book..what is this book for?
I mean only for CR or both CR and RC.

Alos,suggest me some books for quant and ds ..

How about kaplan books?

The name of the book is Powerscore GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible and as it says its for CR, i've not read it but heard its pretty good... if anybody has read it plz tell let us know ...
I have the kaplan book, but didn't find them as good as manhattan ...
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