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hello friends..

does any1 have any idea about SIIB...
i am interested in international business.
does it offer only international business or other specialisations?
i have heard its in the top 3 in symbiosis with sibm p n scmhrd in that order.

kindly clarify

thank you

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Been down with hepatitis(sucks) and only recovered this week. Anyway , I am joining SIIB and have a few questions about the hostel.

1. Are the rooms single/double/triple occupancy?
2. Will there be a mattress or do we have to buy our own?

i'll be arriving by air on 3rd evening and the induction/registration is on 4th , which happens to be Saturday. So can I just move my stuff on Sunday as opposed to doing it on Saturday because there is an 'Overnight program' of some sort which will probably carry on till Sunday?

And this is addressed to the Seniors(although this thread hasn't seen much action from the seniors recently) , what is the schedule like? Do we get Sundays off or not? And in terms of daily schedule , what time to the classes generally start and conclude?

Thanks in advance , replies are muchas appreciado. ..

i am a new student as well...
can answer sum things for u..

its triple occupancy..
matress is provided.. u need to get linen n pillow

its a general 9 to 5 college
extra lectures hote rehte hain..
sunday is half day
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total score. 54.17

air 1405 core, reject
1049 banking, WL

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i checked the last 20 pages.... thoroughly....
sorry to ask again but can anyone explain me how are they marking us on 100
i mean....
does the highest score get 70/70 or his score/360 *70??
and how are academics counted....
i have 82 53 73... how will that be counted 208/300* 10??
please clarify... thank u sooo much

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As i can infer there based on discussions with ppl who have gt calls for bangalore and hyderabad campus the case of satana and a couple of more ppl i know is different
they have been called for FTMBA programme of Mumbai campus and the cutoffs are same as earlier for Mumbai campus
The calls for bangalroe/hyderabad is a independent process which is being carried out simultaneously

So more calls are being given for mumbai campus and i m thinking they won't be too many of those because the management is coming out with the result on 18th itself

hey.. i would like to ask satana... that on what basis did u get the call....
i mean... did u have a problem with the sectionals....

please throw some light on the same...
thank you
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the interview for bangalore and hyderabad is in mumbai...
i met 15 of my frnds...
it specifically says... for bangalore and hyderabad... interview in mumbai.... pay 950 rs.

maybe satana is an exceptional case, or there is a mistake on his part....
lets hope for the best for him....

but also... it is unethical to call ppl who didnt clear cutoffs to be called again for the same seats...
this is generally done for the lower colleges in the same group...

i hope u get my point

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i just saw the last 10 pages of this thread...
but i would like to clarify that the people who have been called for 16th n 17th are for the bangalore and hyderabad campus and not mumbai...

bangalore and hyderabad have their own results on 20th i guess...

and FYI... for 120 bangalore and 60 hyderabad seats... thr was a total application of 144 people
(9 people * 2 slots* 9 days)

hence they are asking people to apply for it

hope this helps...
correct me if any of my info is wrong

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till what wl no. did the admission go to?
and what about the management quota seats?

it went to wl 144 last year and about wl 190 the year before that....

so no need to worry.... everyone is in the same boat

28th feb 2011
9 am


Topic: 2 were given.. 1. itabs will replace libraries pr 2. media sensationalises news
Number of Ppl present 9 out of 10
Time: 2 mins to write... 18 mins to discuss... outright select the topic and then 2 mins given to write...
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: was nice... no fish market... took topic 1
Other Salient Details: As whether summary was asked to be written or not, Time given, and other stuff..... NOTHING OF DAT SORT

Panel Members Intro: 2 men 1 woman
why mba..
why less marks
and very general ques... ques on acads since appearing graduate...
no stress interview... they wanna hear all u wanna say

Any other relevant detail.... management quota scrapped... and mba core has no specialisation in HR... u have to take MBA HR if u wanna choose HR

hope this helps...

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