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we all had one thing in our we country ..we could be proud of being international std. ..

Strike one: prometric ne kiya satyanaash..
Strike two: iim s being opened in every city..i think we have iim from A-z within few years
Strike three: any guess....


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Hi All,
I have joined recently in this blog and all you guys have really been impressive. I am here to ask you for some help. I am a ICFAI CFA aspirant and have failed on both occassions in level 1 exam and have lost my confidence in appearing and passing the exam..can you please help. your advice and suggestions are highly appreciated

dude tell abt ur backgrnd , sw did u study,,, and everythin ....
then only we can help u ....;)
papairaja Says
@ab_2010.......dude if u r new to the finance world ......u might find the CFA (US) tough but i would suggest u to go 4 d same........CFA (icfai) has lost it's brand value..........corporate now a days don't even consider icfai (CFA)..as cfa....this is my personal experiance......u r Engg.....thus u might b gud at picking up concepts.......nd CFA(US) is all about precious understanding of the concepts...........nd excecuting d same........best of luck ..........consult some Job consultant nd they would b d right guide 4 u..............their is another course CIIA.........see if it's suits u....

dear pls giv app advice..to anyone..an nt ur view

first of all u should consider any finance course only if u r going for a career change .....
secondly considering mkt conditions ROI on US cfa wont be high as mnc are still trying to stop their balance sheets frm bleeding...
thirdly keep in mind whichever u do (cfa) u still hav to go for pg make a decision carefully...bschools hav hiked there fees also ...anyother quries...
Hi Harshu50,
I am B.Tech (I.T), with 2 year of work ex, never had been thru commerce subject . After Working for two years I felt the need of diversification and sharpening my skills in management side. I will be writing CAT next year. I Have enrolled my self in ICFAI- CFA program, but since i don't know ABC of commerce so finding it difficult to understand the subject.My working hour doesn't permit me to enroll for classes, so I am looking forward for some good books to grasp the basics of the subject.
Hope this info will help u in guiding me.

since u had maths it is not going to be difficult for u .. u hav a lot of time for ur exams ...just remember that fa exams u need to learn n understand basic concepts and not be an accounts expert ... so first JUST READ the text book many times and if u r still not getting anythin read the study guide of fa.. U DONT NEED TO GO ANY OTHER BOOK...

feel free for further info

No, my 1st group is due in April, having hard time understanding those terms.

no need to worry ...in wat subjects u did ur grads ...tell me this then only we can give u right advice..
sanchi.sharma06 Says
for 1 st group and i put up in east delhi..

for 1st grp contact icfai cp center at barakhamba ..they provide good classes... :-P
sanchi.sharma06 Says
hey.. can anyone tel me sme coaching institutes or home tution for CFA

hi sanchi .. atleast tell for wat grp u want coaching ?????
then only we can help you...
jaihojai Says
All I can say is that every person comes in this world with pre determined fate. There is little one can do to change it. If a person wants to believe that ICFAI (which no longer exists) or Indian CFA (this term is again misnomer) or ICFAI Trupura University (which is appropriate) run CFA is best suited for him/her then thats great go ahead and do it. I am still waiting to hear new successes from the "CFA" from the ICFAI Tripura Univ, so far no one has given it. I really want to know the salary levels of these passouts. Tumtum give the statistics so that I can change my opinion about your course. But no luck

hi dude .... why r u always after icfai .... instead just be cooperative n help others ... also u would agree that u can consider icfai cfa as an pg degree which is ugc approved ... thats it,, no more... n for the people who r actually interested going for cfa us... can u tell us ..wat the procedure is ...wat would be the minimum salary in today's time after clearing each group (for non mba just cfa s only )..pls reply soon ...

hey puys ..
i really dont get why there is lot of arguments, fights about cfa frm icfai...
like Mr jaihojai or anyone else please tell me whether somebody has taken money frm u to do cfa frm icfai and now u doubt u ll get it back or not ????????????

dude let others make their own choice whether they throw their money in well .......

mods pls note we r really tired of this ....do something...

hi puys ,
i dont think that you can compare ca and cfa..:o
both hav diff field of application....
ca has one advantage that it has national signing body..
but dude take my advice if you want to become cfo,ceo of any mnc then you hav to do both as none of these is individually capable of taking you there ....