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@[601219:NarangSaab].....yar tell me one thing, how do u kno me???

yar i will advise you to get admission as soon as possible, start preparing from ur last year of BBA and keep trying till u get gud B-SCL.
if u can manage course like CA/CS with BBA then whats the harm in it, go ahead with it

@narangsaab........hope i can help you in this matter, if you have any specific query then go ahead

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Your classes are to start from 20th june (1 week after ours:lookround:).Just chill out whatever time is left as you will have to do a lot once you are here. its going to be fast and hectic. you can carry your laptops to the class but whether you can use it while a class is going on, depends on the professor. same can be said regarding atmosphere of class also. For normal classes casuals are ok, but for formal functions, guest lectures etc, formals are required (eg. your first day orientation). Classrooms are wifi. Social work is scheduled to be in january.
And dont worry, your questions can be answered once you join. So relax for the time.
NMIMS 2012

KUDOS to you shane.......
u r only1 frm capsmark tilll now who was answering to queries of prospective nmites.......but frm now onward i will try to share your burden as much as i can..
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BAD news for some core WL guys.........
2 guys from our class who had their 1st pref. as CM called 2day by the admin. dept. to tell them that they still are in the race for Core......

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For the Batch of 2010-2012 ->
Received an email from NMIMS :)

Sub: Welcome Letter to Incoming Batch - 2010

Sent to (First Year- FT MBA Core Programme, Capital Market, Actuarial Science & Banking - 2010 Batch) today morning.

To list has 280 email IDs (scope for speculation abt w8list movement)

It has 'Inaugural Day - 14 June 2010.pdf' & 'Guidelines -2010.pdf'.

So its School time again :-P ... 14th june.... (10.15am to 6.00pm)

NMIMS Batch 2010-2012
(FT MBA Core)

i also recieves same..........
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Hey Man!!

I would suggest u and all guys posted recently who want to do CFA to go through the entire thread first. U wud get answers to all most all ur queries there.

@About ur specific query

U can start preparing with CFA materials that u get from CFA institute once u register. If u r in no mood to register in recent times, then u can have a look to schewser's material or Elan guides for that matter. It will give u idea about how should u plan ur studies n all.

Passing ratio is decided by AIMR or CFA institute for that matter. If u notice in India, passing rate for CAs' is very less, same way institute decides depending upon demand and supply in the market i.e. how many professionals require in an economy on yearly basis.

Please correct me if I am wrong on that.:)

And whether level 1 is easy or not is totally subjective matter.

i doubt this little.......it means if we perform badly n market need more CFA then also we will qualify??
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Yes, every trimester you will be having mid-terms. Also, there will be some surprise quizzes in a few subjects.

Your final evaluation for each subject will comprise of combination of following-
Mid-term, quizzes, class participation,project report/presentation, assignments and end-term marks.

ohhhh.......seems we have to pull up our socks as soon as possible.............NMIMS ke students sote kab honge??????
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do we also have class tests or internals.........bcoz there is only 2 mnths gap btwn trimester?????..................seniors n fellow puys reply

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ur analysis on wat basis buddy???

is level 1 easy???....then why success rate is only 34%????

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