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its nothing like that..
papers r picked up randomly..der is no golden rule that difficulty will increase with days..
Previous Cat experience...all guys calm down
let it be difficult..but we have done CarreerLauncher mocks,Time mocks...so it would ne tougher than that..
do nt panic !!
we have done enough preperation

you never know what the difficulty is. it can be more,less. just cant say - cat is unpredictable

u r right papers r picked randomly. so, just pray u get the easier randomly picked one

even if u get a diff one , itz not a prob as normalisation takes care of it. however, cofidence level isn't the same

anywayz cheers. atb puyz go tame it
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Guest @guest_writer
_*Editor's note:* Guest author *Parasharan Chari*, Chief Operating Officer of Ahmedabad-based test-preparation institute Endeavor Careers, analyses the first-day-first-slot of CAT 2011 and identifies pointers that test-t

@shishii123 --- itz nothing like that , u never know what is the difficulty level today or tomorrow. it might match xat difficulty or maybe even mat. just keep preparing and not just basics but also tough questions

abhishek6969 Says
harshitbhatia80 bhai please don't post any detail topics on open posts. You'll get into trouble. This is a mere repository. Treat it like one.

mr. abhishek ... the question says " Your overall analysis of the exam. Toughness, new topics, sections etc."

doesn't this induce u to mention the topics... and anyways any paper covers almost all the topics.

i am in all limits and didn't disclose anything which is nt allowed

everyone knows what are imp and what is not

thanks to all

i didn't know helping others by posting genuine experience will bring back such replies...
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1) How many attempts you have made?

not really remember as i was more focused on solving questions

but probably

Qa & DI - 19-20
VA & LR - 26-27

2) Your last mock score?

i gave iCAT 13 rite before my d-day.(didnt see deliberately the score although the paper went well)
if anyone interested in attempting iCATs (around 8 of them are still unsolved) can PM me for more info. they are useless for me now

3) How was your experience of the test?

Wonderful and much better then last one considering i got a better seat,i could not at all see anything except my pc screen which helped concentrate better. prometric assistants were very freindly and had a good sense of humour which helped decrease stress.

4) What was the surprise element for you?

none. many Q's didn't deserve to be in CAT considering their difficulty level. however, this is very commonly seen in early slots... last year, had a similar pattern where papers where much easier in approx 1st five days and then the difficulty level increases. however, normalisation takes care of that, so u need nt worry bout the difficuly level. our paper wasin " easy to moderate " range. moderate just coz of a bit tough rc's

5) Any tips to handle the computer based exam better?

1.use highlighting text feature more

else, you know it all

6) Your overall analysis of the exam. Toughness, new topics, sections etc.

as mentioned earlier, paper was really easy and didn't match CAT difficulty. few quant q's on hcf.lcms,geometry,venn diagram,log,tsd were a bit tricky and time taking. DI and LR sets matched MAT difficulty. yes, you heard it correct , it was literally MAT difficulty types...total cakewalks

as mentioned by others , almost all topics were covered. if u r a TIME student , stress on 1st QUANT booklet more. just attempt and reattempt them. it will more then suffice for this difficulty level

7) Any other query or something you would like to share.

nothing really puys, just give your best shot. dont underestimate and always be super-confident.

tip for day b4 CAT

u must have been advised but i'll reiterate for u all.... try keeping it as simple as possible... but dont have a fear of nt attempting any mock. attempt it but dont dare to see the score. u'll remain in touch and confidence level increases.

best of luck puys

for any query plz PM me.

Next Stop ------ NMAT

but i am enjoying to the fullest today and tomorrow.

back to work from monday onwards. my boss is already scolding for taking one week off.

cheerz guyz !! ATB again :))))))

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PaGaLGuY Editors @thecuttinged
Seriously puys, go get the paper! _Graphic: Deepak Gopalakrishnan_

thenx pg.......hope to share my experience tomorrow

Hi All,

I am appearing for FIRST DAY FIRST SHOW SLOT.



strong area - LDI

weak area - VA

Reason i chose first slot - dont ask , bus khatam ho jaye ye tension asap. that was the only criteria i applied

My strategy for last day - i'll give two mock icats. and atleast watch two brilliant movies listed below -

1.The social networler
2. Inception

Will be shocking to hear but i havn't watched any of them yet

Feelings for last day -

hope the ABOVE smilies describe what i am going through. i taken an off from work since last one week and haven't been so alone and lonely ever.



SO guyz, whosoever appearing tomorrow or in next one weak. please share in the organized manner as i did. letz ROCK IT puyzzzz........i'll be the first one to share my experience hopefully on PG tomorrow...

until then..........keep posting


if doesn't goes well - "NEVER SAY NEVER".....life is full of opportunities . keep exploring.

hey ,

all the best man..........

mine cat exam on - 25/10

my prep really sucks at this stage

my average mock score has been 30 and best percentile was 75%

will request seniours gs,subha and all others to lemme no what i should do at this stage

my prep in various secs are as follow -

QA - i can attempt only the easy and direct questions. sometimes, a bit complex as well. i have given most time to this sec still it is the most feared sec of mine

VA - i dont no wat to say . ...... options are so close and RCs of weird topics just sets my head roling. it's like meditating with eyes open and u cant understand a single line

LDI - have been my best so far except some really tough sets of AIMCAT

thanks a lot gs4890 for starting this thread, i request all others who are appearing for CAT in next week or so to suggest juniours like me and help us find the rite direction at the 11th hour.
puys not received the mail yet.....just to make sure we only have to send the draft along with a letter indicating our willingbness to join the programme??

any idea abt the companies and packages for hr??????????

is it compulsory to take a hostel ??
Also what are the placements like in hr???? Both in terms of companies and packages?????
sumit90 Says
friends m nt able to access d tiss site...is it problem only with my net or is it dat even u people not able to access it?????

its nt opening