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Great work dude........

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Hey Guys,

I am trying to make the list by saturday night completely, I hope i will be able to do it.

Best of Luck to everybody....

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Hi, Guys I have attached the list of OBC's from Application ID 100000 - 160000, will upload the other files tommorow or day after tommorow. Please contribute to the effort of checking the application ID's(though they are very less than checking 100000 id's), after done please send the excel file to me or upload it.

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Good work Vikas, I hope we will get a fair view of the cut-off's if all of us contribute to this effort. Also we could start predicting cut-off's on basis of previous years and this years data.....

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Guys, DTE has announced provisional merit list on the 23rd instead of 13th...what the??

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OBC List:-

99.92 - 152 + 5 = 157
99.83 - 146 + 5 = 151
99.80 - 145 + 2 = 147
99.64 - 141 + 5 = 146
99.64 - 141 + 4 = 145
99.57 - 140 + ? = ~144
99.23 - ~137 + ~4 = ~141
99.12 - ~135 + ? = ~139
99 - 133 + ~4 = ~137
98.64 - ~130 + ~4 = ~134
98.44 - 129 + 4 = 133
98.28 - 128 + 4 = 132
98.07 - 127 + 4 = 131
98.07 - 127 + 4 = 131
97.51 - 125/126 + 4 = 130
97.27 - 123 + 4 = 127
97.03 - 122 + 4 = 126
96.19 - 119
95.88 - 118
112+4 = 116
94.8 - 115 + 4
93.25 - 111

Tell me if i have missed out on somebody...also from now on reserved category students can post as to how was their GD / PI.....

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My GD & PI was there in K.J.Somaiya 5 to 6 Batch(15/05/0

GD Instructions given by Panelist 1-

U will be given 2 topics, decision for the same would be done by show of Hands. After that 2 Minutes to think and 15 Minutes for GD.
1) Lincoln was not famous because he was born in a _____ but because he came out of it.
2) Corruption is a link between Business & Politics.
Bell Rings..Time to Start (We choose second topic by show of hands)
Discussion (10 People, 1 Absent):-
Girl 1- Corruption of Dhirubhai
Person 2 There is corruption all over India
Me We should understand that corruption exists in India not only in the Public sector but also in the Private sector.
Person Yes I completely agree.
The GD went by like the same in between I spoke the following points:-
1) We should understand as to Corruption in India is at the Grass root level unlike countries like US.
2) Corruption in India is there bcoz of a close-knit society whereas in other areas..Cut by someone
3) Sixth pay commission (point noted by panelist) has raised the salaries but what about the lower grade officers whose salaries are not enough bcoz of rising inflation and CLIPt Accepted & Repeated two times
4) In India it takes a lot of time to start a business unlike other countries so we should have a single window clearance system
5) We are the youth population should take steps forward in curbing cvorruptiuon told abt education and youth is the highest population..
The main problem was a girl who was acting like a leader, she said that let us speak one by one from anti-clockwise..everybody accepted.. i tried to differ but in vain
The first person was from Bihar.. could not speak fluent English.made repetitive point about youth
After that I said that we should discuss the link part rather than speaking on only corruption(was going to speak about PPP, CSR), but that girl said that you are not going by order(What!!!!)
The second person fumbled and only spoke if we if we IF WE
The third person was a girl she repeated and was wasting time..she spoke two good points(Sarcastic)..In india about 50% of the population thrives on less than Re.1/- per dayand India is a poor country and still thrives on aid from IMFI said I beg to disagree but India is growing the forex reserves are growing talked about growth ratescutsomebody else spoke one by one bolne ka.
Other two persons spoke and then when my turn came the bell rangBADLUCK!!
Panelist asked to summarise..the Leader girl started concluding and went on for 1.5 min saying her points.then other girl asked if she could also add-in(she only knew what she spoke she again added her points).the panelist rang the bell this time with more anger and asked to leave.
PI (Two Panelist One Girl(G) 30ish (Criminal Lawyer , Commissioner of Police) & One oldie(M) 55-60 Operations Research Professor in KJSOMAIYA)
G - Come In..M is reading the Halll ticket
G Have a seat
Me Thank You
G After reading form asksso u left your job.
Me Yes I did, bcoz I had to prepare for CAT & CET

M- But only 6 months?

Me I had talked with the director before joining only..and he being from IIM only encouraged me.
G What does your father do?
Me Business G&J;
G U want to join dads business?
Me No..I talked with my dad regarding my ambitions of setting up an Microfinance Institution and he was quite OK with it.
G What is Microfinance?
Me Lending to the people who are not valid for institutional credit, basically the poor BPL.
G What if they do not repay?
Me There are models which have worked, and the poor have proved better repayment rates than the others
M Takes over So what is this NPO?
Me Told about my organization that I have founded and how it works
M Is it working?
Me Yes
M Says to G, he thinks that Turnaround of Indian railways is what I think is significant, then asked me..U give credit to lalloo and all?
Me Explained how turnaroundrakesh mohan committee report how railways would become a white elephant and how it has turned aroundand started to contribute to government ex-chequer
M So u were the editor of Newsletter in college?
Me Yes (Arey bhai deep toh jao)
M So what is Fundamental Analysis?
Me Analyzing a companies basics, profitability ratio analysis.
M What is the other type of analysis?
Me Technical Analysis
M What is it?
Me About reading charts and all..
M What charts?
Me Sir, I do not know much about technical analysis.
G How does Impatience (Weakness) and Quick Learner (Strength) go together?
Me Explained that Quick Learner is bcoz I tend to learn faster than peers.. impatience tends to hamper decision making...
M What about Attention to detail how is that a weakness?
Me Takes time for decision. sometimes strength but sometimes a weakness..
M What do u mean by social infrastructure?
Me Education, Health and Social homes.
M- What needs to be done in education?
Me 95% enrollment in SSA, student teacher ration talked about cuba...how it has 100% literacy rate.
M How is literacy rate calculated?
Me- ThoughtNot sure but no. of people who have passed their tenth standard.
M aks G if she wants to ask anythingG says no
Both say ok done and I said thank you and left
Lets Hope for the Best

Please give your feedback on the same!!

Best of Luck for Your GD & PI.

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At what time does the ARC centre start in Mumbai??

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1. Snip your mail id. No personal details allowed on the forum.
2. Please let us all your complete plan, including the costs to be shared by all. In case this comes across as shadow marketing in a No-Profit wraper, you will be banned.

Please reply in a day.

The forum is completely non-profit. Over here the costs would be as follows:-
If we were to meet at a place in Mumbai, say ruia college then the cost would be around Rs. 1200/- which would have to be shared or probably if everyone were to decide to come together and call an evaluator the charges for the same(no other costs). Hardly all costs would come arnd 50 - 60 bucks if 50 people were to meet. So i am not trying to advertise anything out here as surrogate advertising or shadow marketing. So one can say that it would be a forum kind of thing......Also joining the group and discussing the topics on the forum is absolutely free...the group is just meant for the benefit of everybody and would be a place to share knowledge as well as get etter views on discussing GD-PI topics....also one more clarification that the e-mail id id is of the group and not my personal mail-is..so should i remove it or not...and one more moderator has snipped my post from the other thread what should i do about it?
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Estranged says -Pls do no resort to surrogate advertising!
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