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@dishant23 aur bhai makhija kya haal hai tere ?

You can apply to BIM Trichy, KJ Somaiya PGDM, KJ Somaiya PGDM-IB, TAPMI, NIT Trichy.
What about IMI and IMT ? I'm asking about my chances of converting
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CAT OA: 93.12%
QA: 61.59
VA: 99.18
Grads(finshed): 73%
12 : 79.60
10 : 86.16
Work ex : 31 months (IT industry)

Any options available for me
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@rochak89 said:
Same case with me also... My retake was on 16th.. Experienced exactly the same feeling with Verbal part... Quant was much easier..DI was very very tuff with some intense calculation.. LR was manageable but the arrangement questions sets were really tuff... Pata nahi kaise normalize hoga..Lets wait for the result.. Thats all I can say.. Also one thing infact the centers have some problem with it.. even in my center I requested the invigilators not to chit-chat among themselves.. But of no use..Uske baad wo log fone leke apne apne boyfriend ke sath chalu ho gaye... NMAT center selection really sucks a big tym.. Hope they can find a better center next tym.. If somebody can Plz inform these things to NMAT authority.. My test center was Bhubaneswar..
chit chatting is something you can stop. Outside my center some function was going on they were playing songs on loudspeakers and playing DHOLS on roads . That thing ensured that i can't do my test properly . Quant somehow i managed becoz i'm used to listening music while solving QUANT questions.But overall really a horrible experience . I can't blame NMAT center guys . There is nothing you can do in such cases .
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Yesterday was my most horrible experience in any MBA exam . There was loud music outside the campus and that really distracted me during whole exam .

Centre - Bangalore
Slot - 2.30 PM

Exam was tougher than previous year's paper. LR was time consuming , English was like WHAT??. In a question antonym was asked of a word . I wasn't able to understand the word asked and all of the options . Everything seemed to be alien.

Quant was on easier side.Just one advice don't go on attempting DI first , as far as i've heard and seen myself DI was time consuming.
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for mumbai campus , last time the cutoff for mumbai was 208 and for bangalore/hyd it was 200 , i guess.And regarding the conversion of calls , some persons who scored 208 also converted the calls.So all the best for your exam..
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Before going for TDKR , i watched WARRIOR (Tom hardy).I was quite astonished after looking at its ratings in imdb , before going for it . But ratings prompted me to watch it . And boy what a fantastic movie it was....loved the last part where nick nolte cried.Very good by whole cast and you will get to see kurt angle in the movie.Overall a must watch for all rocky fans


Not Gayle , not kohli , not de villiers and now balaji picks 4 . hence proved nothing goes my way in fantasy cricket . Stuck on more then 50 rank with 11 substitution left . :banghead::banghead:

For Next match prediction , considering my selection of players

1) As i have picked jayawardene , he sits out and KP plays
2) Dhoni and sehwag scores ,as he is not in my team.
3)Some new face in either of the teams comes and wins the match for them.

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joined in as "MetalHeads"

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meghajain19 Says
me too... u r travelling from?

hey m from bangalore .my slot is also same 27 feb . ur from ?
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