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arun8rnair2 Says
@ harshbiet.........hows upes....hows the coll......i am from kerala so i have no idea of anythin happenin around der.....even i am tensed about my journey to upes....its too far from here.....but havin done mech engg...i would like to get into upes....u are in which yr and branch ? i am tryin my luck with upes met.....i have 99.1% percentile dec mat but still dont want to take chance..less no of seats rt ? and i hope upes met is of mat standard.....whic way would u have prepared if in my situation ?.....upes met or direct entry....ad also is the competition too high to get der.....and also about gd/pi...is it tough....i am ok but not excellent in communication skills.....also does doin mech engg give an added advantage ? please to reply and thanks in advance

Hi Arun hey nothing to worry man....be confident and u shd have confidence in ur abilities and u have also secured a good percentile....see if u have prepared for any mgmt. entrace xam then u will crack the UPESMET....see competition is always there but the main thing is thing is that how u tackle it especially in critical situations so don't worry about it just give ur best shot and rest leave in the hands of god....
GD topics will be vary from current issues to social,economical,....so i would like to suggest you to read magazines,newspapers and threads of GD on PG....and try to improve comm skills in these days and u will definitely crack it....of course a degree like engg. will always be an added advantage but prepare well for xam....good luck for ur preparation....hope to see u at upes.....
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hey puys,
1.can u plzz temme dat d preferences of the courses in upes, i knw dat oil n gas is d best one, but dey r askin for 2 more, plzzz suggest me d same.
2. hwz the upes met paper
3. how much worth is to change our stream, coz i hv done b.e. in elec n telecomm.
4. throw some light on packages (xcept oil n gas) on streams being offered at upes..

Thanks in Advance..
hopin 4 d reply soon..:cheerio:

1.Preferences will be according to ur area of interest first of all u see where is ur interest and placement comes secondary....but if u r asking according tp placement then oil and gas and et comes at par.
2.UPESMET paper is conducted first time so no idea about this....but if u have prepared well for any mgmt. entrance exam then deifinetly u will crack it.
3.if u will join any mba u will change ur stream from technical to managerial grade in my batch of energy trading there are 2 engineers with EC background.
4. Answered already in previous post.

Please don't repeat the questions and refer to previous post.

Any more queries will welcome......
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@ harshbiet
....if u are currently studyin in upes could u please clear my doubt.....i got 62 % marks in graduation , b tech (nit calicut)....because of which i wasnt able to sit for the campus placements for any of the psu's (iocl , bpcl , ongc ,bpcl)...as all had cut offs 65 % or first class...i wrote mat.....and if i get into upes will i again have the same problem gettin placements as most of the companies that come are psu's or will the check the mba 's marks only....if they check the graduation mark then theres no use in me joinin the college....pls do reply.........thanks in advance...

hey arun no need to worry man....here we have all types of students which have good academics and those which have average academics and all will be placed with in the period....some courses like oil and gas and energy trading achieved 100% placement....u done b.tech in from NIT so it will not a worry for you....good luck for preprations
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@atul: donno atul..just a confirmation..no dates or venues yet...
@harsh: hi harsh..i am a chemical engg. final year student from VIT, vellore. got placed in TCS...placements still going on full swing(fingers crossed for mrpl and bpcl)...what would you advice for doing mba at this point or some time after getting some exp..

Hi Palit....as u r a fresher and have job in very reputed software company and in my point of view u should gain some industry experience from ur job and then give urself one chance more and then try for top management colleges....unless u have a strong desire for pursuing mba in oil and gas sector....but final decision will be urs.....best of luck for ur future....
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hi all....placements are good only for Oil & gas and Energy Trading....some of the courses are newly introduced such that logistics and supply chain mgmt., infrastructure mgmt. aviation mgmt.(even logistics and infra batch yet to be come this yr only so no previous data is available) so for these courses no such placements/offers are offered till yet but placement committee are working on it....so my advice for all aspirants is to seek admission only in oil n gas and energy trading courses.

More queries will be welcome....

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hi harsh,
gr8 wrk
as u r frm upes, u must also b knowing about school of petroleum mngt. hows it?any idea?

Hi Saurabh ya i know about the school of petroleum management it is in gandhinagar Gujarat. Its also a good college in this sector. There are only some colleges that's provide specialization in oil and gas sector.

IIIT Pune(Ong Mgmt. on the guidelines of UPES)

so in above colleges RGIPT is best and then SPM and UPES.
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hello harshbeit,
gr8 work here.....i have a query i secured 95%le in mat dec nd got d call from upes....i am not gud in gd/pi and have avg academics...no work ex....should i apply through upes mat(for 80% seats) or go for direct gd/pi....help

Hi ankur problem will not be solved by applying through UPESMET u have scored gud result itself in MAT so just work on GD/PI skills and have confidence in ur abilities....dats it from my side but final decision will be urs....
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palit Says
hi harsh.thanks for the information.i am fresher doing chemical engg(final year)..got a call from upes for gd/pi..it would be a great help if you can tell the avg placements for oil n gas for freshers(if there's such criteria for recruiters there)..

Hi Palit when is ur gd/pi call?? Avg placement for oil and gas is around 4.5-5.5 lpa and there is no such criteria for placements so don't worry for that just prepare well for GD/PI....Good luck for ur GD/PI
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i hav 2.5 yrs wrk x in IT, is my exp of any use??
wats the avg package for EXP guys???
wat was the last yrs placmnt figures??

Hey every experience is of use either it is in manufacturing industry or software industry....so don't worry about it.:cheerio:

Avg package for exp guys is b/w 5.5-6.5 ctc

last yr placement was not so gud due to recession but guys in Oil and gas and ET achieved 100% placement.
I myself has 3 years of work ex in chemical industry and rite now pursuing MBA in ET.

Any other queries....shoot them....
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Thanks... Can u please clarify these points too

1. Are u sure it is 80% frm MET and 20% Direct?? In website and brochures they have specified 75% from MET and 25% Direct..

2. Can u please tell MAX, MIN, AVG and MEDIAN packages offered for Oil&Gas; management and Energy Trading courses??

3. Are the interviews conducted only at Dehradun?

Hi kaarun.....ya from this year only 80% seats are through UPESMET and rest 20% are from CAT(>80%ile)and MAT(>90%ile)

Max package for ET students is 7 lakhs and and minimum is 5 lakhs for ET course and same is for OnG.

Till now interviews was conducted in all centres i.e dehradun, gurgaon, and rajamhundry....but from now onwards it will be dehradun (not so sure)
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