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AIPG meet in PUNE this time . :]


booked my place.

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any idea when this time Test Series is going to start ?

i think ,
TIME and IMS both will start their tests from mid of JUNE .

i am back.......
posting here after lots of days .....kinda busy :drinking:
i am in for CAT 12 journey with you guys....
exited about my first CAT (hopefully last)
some formalities

1.Institute joined if any and from which State u r ----> IMS PUNE , INDIA
2.When did u start prepration. -----> :nono:
3.Books u have or plan to buy. ------> 3 arun sharma and IMS material is more than enough
4.Number of Hours a day u give to CAT preparation.----->:biggrin:
5.Weak section/Strong section.-------->:sneaky: love quants and hate verbal but unfortunately my scores show reverse statistics......
6.Institutes u wish to apply to -------> top 15

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Ushnota Paul @ushnota
_Kolkata's Vishal Kedia, one of the nine 100 percentilers of CAT 2011_ It's like pumping in whatever you have and still being left empty-handed. The 2011 Common Admission Test's (CAT) nine 100 percentilers are goin

i think , after 4-5 years there will be no issue of marks atleast for maharashtra students . here is interesting thing. . . . . . . . . from last few years government of maharashtra is giving 3% marks for candidates who have played at any state level competition in any sport. so , number of players participating in such competing have been suddenly boomed . its working something Like : pay entry fees ( 3000-4000 rs which is intentionally kept high ) --> go and participate [so u have played at state level , its different thing that u don't know shit of that game ) --> get the certificate --> submit it and gets additional 3% marks per sport (candidate show his talent in max 2 sports , thank god ) so nowadays 6% marks are officially on sell at 6000 rs. gov is not ready to stop here and started applying 'best of 5' policy. means out 6 subs marks of best 5 subs will be considered. so no need to tell that lotsa ppl have crossed the 100% o/. so marks in ssc , hsc will not be a problem for them in CAT .

Hi Puys,

Did any one of you (specially those from Pune University) have filled the application form of FMS?

While filling the form I came across a point.For FMS aggregate marks are needed in there application but while filling CAT application we have used Pune university norms that is only final year marks.

Things are clear at the both the places my only concern was it will lead to different graduation marks in FMS application and in CAT application....
I have send an email to support@FMS.edu and put this query in FMS thread as well.... if I get a reply I will update you all but if anyone has already filled the forms let me know how you are going ahead with it ?

FMS query link : http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/cat-and-related-discussion/63305-2012-fms-delhi-discussions-53.html#post2953771

they are not asking ur 'agregate' marks , they want ur 'grad marks' marks ! !
follow norms of university .
u can contact senior puys from pune .
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have a wonderful b'day and fabulous yr ! !
i wish u will get all the converts u want ! !
Happy b'day ! !

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happy b'day bro !
enjoy ! !

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happy b'day big bro ! !

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don't worry !!!!
its jst satire !!!! :D
engineers are already enough screwed by iims this year:shocked: ......hope for nothing more !!!!:cheerio:

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