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Give Answer if only assumption I is implicit.
Give Answer if only assumption II is implicit.
Give Answer if only either I or II is implicit.
Give Answer if only neither I nor II is implicit.
Give Answer if only both I & II are implicit

151. Statement: Anybody found in use of unfair means will be debarred from all further
examinations conducted by the board an ultimatum to the examinees by the
examining body.
Assumptions: I. Hence forth the students may refrain from using unfair means during
II. A good number of students are found involved in use of unfair means.

152. Statement: Visit our showroom for quality products an advertisement by a garment
Assumptions: I. Majority of the people are interested in buying only good quality garments.
II. The word quality product may attract the customers.

153. Statement: All children upto the age of 12 years should be brought to the Civic Health Care
Centres in the city once in a month for free check-up appeal from civic Health
Care Department in the city.
Assumptions: I. Public largely prefer the Health Care Centers run by civic authorities to
the privately run Health Care Centers.
II. Children upto the age of 12 years are susceptible to suffer from various

154. Statement: There should be a common examination board for the entire country conducting
HSC examinations the opinion expressed by a group of parents and students.
Assumptions: I. Various examination boards may have varying evaluation standards across
the States.
II. Students passing through the stricter boards may be at a disadvantage at
the time of taking admission to professional colleges based on performance
in HSC examinations.

155. Statement: Basic knowledge of computer operations is essential a condition stipulated
by an organization for recruitment of officers.
Assumptions: I. Officers having knowledge of computer operations may perform to the
desired level.
II. There may not be adequate number of applicants having knowledge of
computer operations.

Dont know the OA for these, but jus thought ll put up for the practise & discussion


3-2 (Its an appeal frm Govt, so Govt thinks children are vulnerable and parents are not caring enuff)
4-3 (No hint about the reason for single board in statement, So evaluation cant be the only assumption. One of the possible assumption could be different exam dates, or delay etc by different boards)
5-1 (comp skills are 'essential', so its needed to meet expectation)
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I have one doubt,

A is adjacent to B. Who is adjacent to C.

In this statement WHO stands for whom A or B?

I think it is B but i want to confirm.
Is meaning of sentence change after we used semicolon or dot after B.

Comma makes more sense here than full stop. But anyways it refers to B.
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Everyone is buying computers,as their prices are decreasing.
  1. Computer is becoming essential in day to day life
  2. The price of computer is a key factor that prompts purchase decisions
  3. either 1 or 2 is implicit
  4. neither 1 nor 2 is implicit
  5. both 1 and 2 are implicit

Life will have no charm without cinema.
  1. Cinema plays an important role in an individual's life
  2. Life depends only on entertainment
  3. either 1 or 2 is implicit
  4. neither 1 nor 2 is implicit
  5. both 1 and 2 are implicit

A advises B,"Action and practice are the key to get over fear and gain confidence"
  1. B lacks confidence
  2. A is fearless and confident
  3. either 1 or 2 is implicit
  4. neither 1 nor 2 is implicit
  5. both 1 and 2 are implicit

Maid servant of Mr. X has finally been caught by the police.
  1. The maid servant was accused of a crime and was absconding
  2. Mr. X lodged a complaint on the maid servant
  3. either 1 or 2 is implicit
  4. neither 1 nor 2 is implicit
  5. both 1 and 2 are implicit

Please close the door once you enter the hall'.A notice board at the entrance of a hall.
  1. The door does not have the self-closing mechanism system
  2. The self-closing mechanism of the door is out of order
  3. either 1 or 2 is implicit
  4. neither 1 nor 2 is implicit
  5. both 1 and 2 are implicit

My take in RED
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For pairs of letters having with as many letters between them as they have between them in English alphabet:CIVILIZATION

In such a case do we take 'A' after 'Z' as one pair?....is it cyclic when we exhaust alphabets?

Np, its not cyclic. they got 24 alphabets in between them.
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Guys 1 Question of logic. Family tree basically.

Q) If "A is B's wife who is the brother of C" which of the following is not possible.

1) A's sister is the wife of C
2) A's brother is the husband of C
3) A's cousin is C's sisters husband
4) A's cousin is C's brothers husband
5) A's brothers only sibling's husband is C.

The solution given for this has me going and :banghead:

I would go with only 4 and 5.

4-> because u cannot be a "husband" of a "brother". Even in gat relationship, don tthink there is something liek husband and wife. :-P

5-> Its already given that A's husband is B. So, how can C be husband of A. ( Dont thnk they are referring A as Polygamist)

So, depends on options I got in paper.
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What is Black cannot be White
1. Black and White have two separate and independent identities.
2. Black and white are complete opposites of each other.
please provide explanation

My take is only 1, as there cannot be an intersaction between BLACK and White.

Whether they are opposite or not, is not discussed in the statement.
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Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
The Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Kozhikode has sprung a huge surprise in its admissions process for the 2011-2013 Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM) batch. Deviating from the past, this year the b-school

No weightage for work experience in 2nd stage was little weired.

oa---3,1 for last one

Last for the day

Used to anti-climaxes as we are, the expulsion of the Tainted Ten from Parliament is, no doubt, a climactic moment in India's parliamentry history.For too long, an extreme form moral relativism was endagering our fait in Parliament. The swift move against the "accused" recovered that ebbing faith._________________

a. The Initial reaction to the expose of the cash-for-questions scandal had been refreshing reassuring.

b. Across party lines, there was disappointment, but also stem reactions, with statements made by party stalwarts that action would be taken against the MP's caught on camera receiving bribes.

c. What was disappointing was the lack of a knee-jerk denial.

d. Effectively, political parties were willing to start on the premise that the Ps might actually be guilty of corruption.

e. Some felt that it was an impulsive decision.

7. The most important thing there for Sartre is not so much the distinction between essence and existence but the absence of God. For Existentialists like Sartre, the absence of God has a much larger significance than the metaphysics of creation: Without God there is no purpose, no value, and no meaning in the world. That is the foundational proposition for Existentialism. A world without purpose, value, or meaning is literally senseless, worthless, meaningless, empty, and hopeless.
1. To be without value and meaning is also to be without standards for behavior.
2. Sartre did not believe in God.
3. One cannot say that it matters whether actions are "right" or "wrong".
4. One of those characters says, "Without God, all is permitted."
5. It is, to use a favorite Existentialist term, absurd.

My takes are in bold.
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One tactic used by social scientists is to claim that evolutionary psychologists are saying something that they are in truth not saying. This is that we believe that a persons character, behaviour, and abilities are shaped solely by the genes, and that upbringing has no effect. This too is patent nonsense, and NO evolutionary psychologist believes this.____

Choose one answer.

a. The best analogy I have found for evolutionary psychology is the undeveloped photograph.

b. We have an innate nature, because we have inherited genes from our most successful ancestors.

c. I hope that this makes what we believe clear to you. Imagine a foetus in the womb.

d. The phrase "survival of the fittest" was never used by Darwin, and it confuses many people who dont fully understand evolution.

e. As Matt Ridley put it, this is like arguing that the area of a field is dependant on its length but not its width.

I would tick option 5.
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Ideas need to be nurtured and protected carefully. In the modern , corporatized world we live in, constant innovation is the key to every organisation's success. But it's hard to classify and assign responsibilities for good ideas.__________________________________________

1] Every employee should be made accountable for idea generation
2] Any expression of an original idea is Intellectual Property(IP) and is an asset that may be used to generate revenue.
3]Such is the nature of business
4]It raises the stakes for other players
5]That's what makes managers despondent

*** I am of the view that people should post reasons for selected and rejection of options also***** Be sure of a detailed solution from my end later on......

I am confused between 1 and 5. But i would tick option 5.
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