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Hi evny07,

TIME GMAT coaching helps very little man. I have taken it. What they teach there is just a subset of what they teach for CAT. GMAT Coaching there is no way aligned to the actual GMAT. Well, this can be expected as they have little experience in GMAT coaching ( they have conducted 3 to 4 batches only till date ). My suggestion would be to prepare by yourself rather than depend on any coaching institute. Thats the best and believe me, the most reliable way to prepare for GMAT. Thats what I have done. I joined TIME just to incorporate some discipline into my prepartion, so that week after week, I am reminded that I have to prepare. I have chosen TIME as its the cheapest one available around.
TIME has a long way to go as far as GMAT is concerned.

I dont know much about the other ones available. Heard that PR is too expensive and what one gets after paying such a huge sum is just an AC classroom to sit, nothing more.


Totally agree with you;TIME is gud for CAT, they dont have expertise in teaching GMAT. I have enrolled myself in IMS though, and a month into the course, i think its kinda OK.Classes are conducted in a 100sq foot room, with a split AC, and with the rains lashing down every now n then, u gotta beg people to turn it off coz u freeze to death in the last couple of rows:).Looks like people there are adamant abt giving us our moneys worth, any which way they can.