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_The IIM Kashipur academic block building in its temporary campus_ One of the newest Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), IIM Kashipur reported having completed their summer internship placements for the debut ba
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@MBAandMe : On what information are you basing your assertion that non-IIM b-schools have 'mastered' the art of inflating placement figures, and IIM's don't do so?

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_Dr Uday Karmarkar_ _*Dr Uday Karmarkar*, founder and director of the Business and Information Technologies Project (BIT) at the University of California's Anderson School of Management. BIT studies the impact of new o
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@shivam awasthi : Why can't a 98 percentiler study along with an 80 percentiler? If you define meritocracy only by CAT score, that's taking a very narrow view. There's a lot more to a person's quality and suitability for an MBA programme than his CAT percentile, and clearly b-schools are increasingly realizing this with each passing year. Hari P R

Whats procedure for withdrawal from the course

You will have to give a letter of withdrawal, I believe. I do not have details at the moment. I'd suggest you call the department's office and find out.
salonis2a Says
seniors, any updates about the next waiting list ??

As per information that we currently have, there isn't going to be a new waiting list. I will post an update on this if and when there is one.
I dont think were buffer calls last yr..wat i know is dat last yr new IIMs movement happened quite late because of which w/l movement happened late..This yr result has come out early because of which lot of withdrawls happened..N still lot of seats going 2 get vacant due 2 old + new IIMs movement plus IIM Rohtak calling more students on 25th june 4 GDPI n of course JBIMS result hapend quite late!!
P.S. :I am jus an aspirant of IIT D and wud luv 2 see another list 2 cum out & all the above things are my personal perception!!:-P

Actually, there were buffer calls given out last year. As for the chances of another list coming out, as per the information that we currently have, there wouldn't be any. I will post an update on this if and when I get one.
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mayankbvcoester Says
When is the next list to be declared???

The deadline for fee payment for the people who made it in the second list is June 23. The next list, therefore, can be expected within a few days of June 23.

I wil be withdrawing from the course and i wil b in delhi not until 6th july..can u please tel me when is the last date to get full refund.

Withdrawal from the Programme on or before 21.7.2011 will imply refund of fees after
deducting Rs. 1,000/-. For any withdrawal after 21.7.2011 only Rs.2000/- security deposit
will be refunded.

BTW, I am quoting this straight from the offer letter. The least you could have done is to have referred to it.
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Hi Seniors,

Please throw some light on the schedule at doms---> a 5 day week or a 6 day week , how many hrs of classes per day, any pre assignments to be completed before joining...


It is a five day week. But there are guest lectures and some other events that are held over certain weekends. As for the number of class hours, it depends, really. Last semester, our timetable was such that we did not have any afternoon sessions on one weekday, and had classes from morning through night on another. About the pre-joining assignment, you will get notification regarding the same at an appropriate time.
When is the second list gonna come ???
Will the vacant 14 seats of SC category be converted to GENERAL
and be included int the second list ???

wait listed @78 :splat:

The second waitlist movement can be expected latest by Tuesday. As for your second question, we don't have any communication from the institute in this regard and we are not sure if this was done in the past. We shall post an update if we get any.
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deepaknitdgp Says
When can we have next list movement!:

Please check at least the previous page before you post a query. The next movement can be expected within a week of June 3.
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Submission of proof from the University/Head of the Institution of having appeared/passed
in the qualifying Degree Examination by 21.7.2011

I passed out in 2007 i dont have this documents can u clearify what can be done in this regard in cas e i join.

Your degree certificate would suffice.

Hi seniors...
There hasnt been any waitlist in SC category....
I think out of 17 who have been offered admission .. most of them havent joined almost 10( I contacted them in person) Due to better options..
Will these seats be left vacant...
Or can we expect any waitlist being declared...
I have PMed the seniors.... But i didnt get any replies from u....
I can understand that u are busy in ur summers.. but kindly do respond

Initially some said that only 17(17 seats for this category) cleared the minimum cutoff set by DMS...
But exactly 17 out of 80 odd people clearing seems quite harsh to digest..
Kindly provide the exact reason...

I hope my query is answered by seniors(coolbryan or hari)
Thank u

There would not be any further waitlist, as per the information we currently have. As has been pointed out, vacant seats might be offered to general category people.

Hey ,
whats the address that we have to send the DD's . The general offer letter does not specify any address :(

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