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Hi to all those people who are joining IITR DOMS this year !! I am one of yr seniors of 2006 batch.......a few days left and our batch shall be off to the Corporate jungle so just wish to welcome you all to DOMS , keep the flag flying higher .......

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IITs really rock!!!!!! Will go all the way...

tht was a no brainer ..

no prizes for guessing tht..

If I had 1000 Lives, I'd give it for

boy i cant pledge this ...my galfrirnd will kill me :grab:

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There r various schemes floating in the market one of which says you can go mobile in Rs 2100 (with mobile) prepaid and you get some airtime 1000 or so free for three months . A word of caution though....services are not that good...I experienced a lot of hassles with RIM , ultimately a mail written to Mukesh Ambani's office could solve the problem!! However the cheapest if calls made frm RIM to RIM

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could not agree with you more.......brilliant post. Please keep sharing your ideas in the future too.......

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as per my reckoning it is better to do CFA after MBA ....WHAT SAY ??

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sorry for bad grammar

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I agree completely...may be because of the following reasons

1) Toppers are less risk takers because they have a set conditioned mind ...to achieve success and because of the repeatibility of their experience, they do not wish to change to something unconventional .......
2) Avg graders .....because they just scrape through are not unduly worried about " What people will say ?" syndrome of tappers - they can take failures at the face whreas a topper would be devestated by it- so they can take more risk and set up companies
3) Since avg graders have not much avenues for earn- after all you either do a job or do a business , they are determined to succeed ....and they do most of the times

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Remembered my days when I was working in Baroda, had joined German classes and man......every weekend there were dance parties....and I used to dance like a maniac..........and people just used to be amazed..... Good old days.......

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Mostly the smoking addiction occurs by watching young dudes smoke....and then trying just for the heck of it !! and slowly it becomes a regularity. Very bad habit I must say. And quite irritating for the passive smokers. Should be completely banned on earth !!

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Can't watch much TV due to studies, but during summers came across a beautifully hosted talk show on Zee

Jeena Isi ka naam hai

- Faruq shaikh is too good !!