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hey guys amity wale pakke chor hain...the ugc approval thin gy is also a huge lie coz i dont find them on the ugc official site.....guys if u find it then lemme know too coz 28 feb last date hai to confirm admission....
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hey guys...amity choro ka ek aur khulasa...
they lie about the ugc approval too....check out the ugc site and there is no amity...such suckers!!!
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jyots86 Says
even i am to appear for the amity entrance on 24th,the more you speak to people ,the more confusion it creates.i have three friends studying in amity,they give me a postive feedback.also i feel that if one has to choose to do mba from autonomous university,amity is still much better. students from amity are also getting placed.

hey can u plz tell me for sure whther amity is really worth it becoz in most of the posts in pagalguy ,people say that amity is crap...but since u r saying that three of ur frns are amity students and they say that it is good....i am so damn confused....28th feb is the last date to pay the fee and confirm admission...so u r gonna be really helpful if u let me know for sure,whether it wud be wise on my part to ditch amity international business school becoz of its aicte and recognition thingy....and also,can u plz brief me abt the placement?i read some post which said that amity claims 100% placement as they tell most of their students o sign a document which says that i am not interested in appearing for the placement as i am opting to becum an entrepreneur....can u confirm frm ur frns at amity whether this crap is true...i felt awful after reading this...:snipersm:
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jaichauhan Says
Thanks friend for quick reply.....beside this i hav to attend GD PI in NDIM, JIMS, Asia-pacific. how r theses ?

well pal..again if we believe the people around us,while i was giving interviews last month,i heard many people claim that jagan institutes are pretty good;one guy was telling me that NDIM is very vry very good and the very next moment a gal was telling me how LS it is...so enquire abt that on ur own from the old students studying there.as for asia pacific,it is "said" to be good..among all three,JIMS seems to be the best...dont think of all that crap right now...just go for the interviews.after getting there,get hold of some kid studying there and make sure that he blurts all the truth abt the institute...just see the things on ur own and then decide!!all the best!:smilecol:
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hi Friends,
How is IMS Ghaziabad? i hav call from there.....plz reply ASAP

hey i ve heard a lot abt ims that it is good....but thats what i heard abt amity too...and now that i ve got admission in amity,people here are saying that it is the worst college one can go for...so pal,dont rely on others what they think abt any college....it wud be smart thinkin if u do the research abt the college on ur "own" coz thats what everyone is doing here....most of the colleges up in the north are $%$^%&^%&**@#~#$....and we all know that,dont we?
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hey guys i got thru amity noida....is it really that gr8 as most of the people say?any idea?

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i am just unable to open up the pumba website...it just wont work....is it because it hasnt been touched since years...or may be the creators have forgotten that they made a site like that some time back?

i ve recieved my cat 2006 brochure.i paid for it online on sunday and i was told that i wud receive my caf and pay in slip on my mail id....but i havent.so now i cant fill in the caf number and other details to proceed.no caf number...no caf print out.....no admit card.....boo hoo hoo
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