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HELLo everyone!

Ritu Kothari from Chennai is soon to be Ritu Kothari from MICA!! yippie! got through finally
Well about my background - I have 32 months work-ex at Cognizant as a Web/ Interaction Designer and have completed my Visual Communication at M.O.P Vaishnav College, Chennai. A few days ago the wait for the results was killing me and now the wait to enter MICA is ;)

Cheers! Waiting to see ya'll there.


Sorry if this is not the right place to post this question.
Anyone from Chennai whose GE/PI is on the 18th?
If so, please PM me..


I've sent you a PM. Hope you can you read it now


Any idea about what time the wait-list would be available on the website?

sorry, if some of u find the post irrelevant..
it's devastating to come so near to getting a seat, when in a moment, the reality takes u away from ur long cherished dream..
i'm sure ppl not in the list wud completely agree with me,
selected candidates,
" i know i was not bad, but i'm sure u guyz must have been terrific"
have a rocking life at sp j and be with pg to guide next year as i'll kep applying to sp j till i get thru it some day...i'll try to be ur junior if not ur classmate..

I couldn't agree more. M quite upset about not getting thru :unhappy:
Just hopin to atleast see my name in the wait-list...and a possible convert

Honestly! When will that link come alive.

Been refreshing that page like crazy.

It's past 4 pm and no results yet!! :unhappy:

I can't seem to take my eyes off this thread! What a day this is going to be!

You just took me by surprise badboy13 :)
I will share my profile soon.

Hi Prassana,

I have been shortlisted for SPJAIN (Marketing).

> I wanted to know if I would be considered for the final list if I got a CAT score below 85%ile inspite of having cut across the GI and PI? What is the weightage SPJain gives to the CAT/ GMAT score?

> Secondly, when is the last date for submitting GMAT official/unofficial scores?

My second question might not be relevant to the thread but I'd appreciate your response immensely. Thanks.