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Hi All,

I am Srini from Hyderabad and started my Prep with OG11 and I want to join this GMAT-HYD group to share our views and Prep methodologies. I am planning to take the exam by April 07. I am finding Verbal bit difficult compared to Quant. So what are your suggestions to me ? Also I went to TIME and Jeeva's recently to join the Training classes for GMAT but after visiting I feel that it is better to prepare on our own(and joining a good forum like this) rather than attending those classes.

Is there any successfull Framework in which in you follow it, you are going to get good score?

Can we limit our Prep Material/Tests to the fixed/standard one's so that we first complete that material rather than searching overwhelmingly (which i do most of the time 8-) )

Apart from OG10/11, what are all the other books one should have to get good score ?

Also How about solving some fixed number of Problems/Questions in this Forum or if we meet somewhere in the weekend to discuss about the issues/Plan of Action realted to
GMAT Prep.