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Converted!!! BM and PM&IR; both :)

will be taking up PM


Got thru both courses!!! am so happy!!!!!!
will prob take PM

hey.. it says congratulations you ahve been shortlisted for me for both PMIR and BM. Is this actually the result link? can someone please confirm?

amanpreet85 Says
same here,sourav.even i was waitlisted 4 pgdm ,nd wen i calld them up.they said no seats are might be due to the fact no other colloge in nd arnd delhi except imi has taken out their for the precautionary basis ...every1 wuld hav paid the fees.......its just my speculation.......but i guess it is the nly reason,if watever they r saying is true.......lets hope that sum seats r left vacant........

Hey! unless they gave out more calls than seats (a lot of institutes are doing that), i dont think it's possible that the waitlist hasn't moved. I had a call, and i havent paid the fees. And i know of 2-3 others who havent paid the fees either.
preetamjena Says
Dude how can i miss dat dat was my topic at da GD-PI :infinity:

Actually it's dudette! I'm sonal, the only girl in that batch!?
himanshudrolia Says
Add to this : Faint Heart Never Won Fair Damsel.

Also - Purani jeans and guitar
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i've come across a 98.6 who is waitlisted.. i forget the name.


XAT - 99.36
Xth - 87.6
Xii - 82.8
Grad (economics) - 64.9% (calcutta university)

12 months experience in a management consultancy

Good GD. Excellent PI.. was practically packing my bags to shift base to goa!



i tried calling the insti regarding this upper cut off thing. Am quite worked up regarding it. The office unfortunately is closed, and will be closed tmrw also. She asked me to call back on Saturday, though i doubt anyone is going to admit to having an upper cutoff, if at all they do.

Anyways, heartiest congratulations to all those who made it :)

And i will sit and pray that xlri or ximb takes me. Though it seems like a distant dream since neither of the interviews went fantastically

Cat_Dude07 Says
I think this might be some case of an upper cutoff. Even me with 99.89 didnt get in. I guess GIM has only given out calls to ppl it thinks will finally join it

Thats exactly what i was wondering. Because akshat.i.r also as a 99.8 with no call.. is there any way of cross checking/ clarifying this? is quite heartbreaking unfortunately
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