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I am on cloud no 9999999999......I am in for Mohali campus with 5L scholorship.....

Godd... y did my friend called me and say about his mail.... blog says 4:00 PM...but how come my frnd got this mail...

siddumamak Says
reject mails before admit mails. was he waitlisted from R1?

No he applied to R2 with me...
Dude, ISB sends rejects mail one day after... not one day before... Ur friend is spreading rumors and increasing the heart beat of fellow puys...

People in the thread, relaxxxxxx

No trust me.. he got his mail at 10 AM... the content says - Due to heavy competition we are unable to provide u a seat.
skjamalpur Says
Thats a surprise....first reject mails going down...or is it by app no. they are uploading??

I am in the same page as u are... I have no clue...
MBA 2012 Says
The admit mail??? :wow::wow::wow::wow::wow: :shock:

No...he was rejected....

One of my friend got his mail today morning at 10 AM. Did anyone else get ???

Hi Manoj,

I have already answered this question on the thread-Post #88 and have nothing more to add. For your convenience find below my earlier response -

"Product management as you know involves both product development and marketing. Marketing at Simon is very quantitative and you will be very well prepared for forecasting, planning and strategy by the end of the program. But the product development skills would to a great extent depend on your prior work exp and the industry you catered too.

Product management is not one of the typical profiles that students opt for after MBA but I know couple of seniors of mine who made it to GE and Web 2.0 start ups at SFO. Simon will provide you the network but you might have to put in more effort than the rest."


Hi Santosh,

Sorry for missing out the last post. Thanks a lot for the update. I am extreamly impressed with Simon's curriculum. I am only worried about the placements. I know they have revised the Career Management Center now. So, hows the situation now. How good are the job opportunities.???


Hi smachank,

Can you please elaborate how effective is Simon in the field of Product Management? How are the career opportunities?


Got a mail today... Dinged....