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Just for the records.. i've a final convert from NITIE under the General category and i won't be joining. I'm heading to Joka.

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The IIMC Freshers Meet at mumbai on the 6th is great news, coz i am travelling home for a week and am taking a train from Mumbai on the 6th night. So its pretty timing for me.

Are all you to-be IIMCians (or Jokans, whichever is in vogue) from PUNE,gonna be there for the meet in Mumbai? Krishnan, Georgie, Nagi, Diptosh, Rakesh et al.
P.S. Piyush should also be there if he has made up his mind now. :satisfie:

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I made it to Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta PGDCM.
It feels wonderful to be eligible to got to Joka! Congrats to all of us who made it to atleast one institute of his/her choice. And to those who missed...Don't lose heart...Keep your spirits up...


IIM C: Converted. Call for PGDCM. WOW.

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This wait since last evening drew my mind back to my interview performance. Now that the result declaration looked imminent, i wondered on that 1 question which i had evaded for this long..... "How did i perform in my interviews?" Well, i did not need to think long and hard about each interview, nor did i have to go thru each of the interviews in its entirety in my mind, rather, i had this final figure which presented itself for each of my interviews. Here it is:
A: 5/10
C: 6/10
L: 3/10
I: 4/10
K: 6.5/10
NITIE: 7/10 (My name was on the selcted list for the brief period it was shown)
IIT B: 5/10
IIT D: 7/10 (Waitlisted)

Well that was it. Care to share your gut-feeling? Atleast it will keep us busy for a while... And lets see how our feeeling measures up against the results.

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Just Wondering.... Durjan Singh ka direct no. kahan milega...does anyone know. We'll call and wake him up..just in case he fell asleep in that big cosy leather armchair of his, South Block is it? Yeah i'm sure he just forgot that HE has to send a directive to the IIMs too. just syaing so in the media is not enuf. Wo hai na....'Zehar ko zehar hi kaat-ta hai' i guess...'ek directive ko dusra directive hi kaat sakta hai' :satisfie:

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Called up the HRD Ministry on the no given by Nagi. the guy who picked up says even he hasn't received the letter which he has to fax. Said "Bhej denge na, itni jaldi kya hai!!!!! Abhi to minister saab ke paas se approve hoke aaya bhi nahi hai mere paas."

WTF!! It really doesn't even mean a rat's ass to these guys that so many of us are on the tenterhooks and for so long. I dunno why but i have this unnerving feeling that Durjan Singh gave that statement giving a green signal to the IIMs just as a ploy to get the monkey off his back, atleast for a while.....while it has absolutely made no difference to the IIMs situation...whatever that is. Say something in the media...don't even act on it...keep the others guessing..and when the heat builds up on you, deny everything and come back to square 1... hasn't this been a hallmark of all our hallowed politicians. well, this is politics at its best. Pardon me for being so pessimistic but then "itni jaldi bhi kya hai"

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hrd number is 011 23381698(thanks to ismbaneeded)


they said they are working on it, will send soon :D

cheers n All the best puys,
Nagi the Dexter

Grrrreat Work Dexter!!
Lets Keep Calling the 'babus' every 2 minutes.
Atleast that'll keep us busy.
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If all the IIms and the other central Institutions are waiting for the notification to be faxed from the HRD Ministry.... doesn't that sound a wee bit unnerving. Coz Durjan Singh and the HRD Ministry is in absolutely no hurry to see the results declared. its a No Contest.

I mean are the IIMs totally toothless?

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cum on rohit judges enjoying the lime light r arjun singh getin famous????
half of us don know who r judg...but durjan sing????every one know
y they out of blue come out with this kinda of thing jus around the clock when election r to be there in most of the states where obcs have high %
n did he took us to castless socity r....
who r right r politicn r our judges?????

My friend, the gibberish you write in your posts seems cipher like. I meaqn what is this supposed to mean- " who r right r politicn r our judges"?
I request you to be a little bit more English-like and readable. thank You.
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