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admit Says
This score and work exp, helped get call from Pitt and oxford.


I would like to interact with you regarding admission. I am having 3 yrs exp in Core Engineering with Fortune 200 US MNC in india and recently joined another Engineering company in Korea.

Let me know how to be in contact with you.

Hi Puys

I need help to solve a PC question,, here it is,

8 member rowing team is to be selected from 12 members, 3 of them can row left-side only and 4 of them can row right-side only. find no of ways to arrange them , 4 sits on each side of the boat.

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Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
_Run by a 29-year-old Oxford MBA and staffed almost entirely by deaf people, Mumbai-based 'Mirakle Couriers' is a unique company whose internal operations we were long interested in. So we got PaGaLGuY's *Lajwanti D'souz

I am an Instrumentation Engineer, working with an Engineering consultancy for last 1 yr 9 months (joined july,2008 ), I have

Cat: 94.62 %tile (Quant:82,VA:90.99,DI:95):lookround:
Bachelors 74.45% (CGPA:7.91).
XII: 78.8%

I shall apply for RGIPT this year, do you think that I have a chance to get a call?

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I hope I am posting this prob in correct Thread:

In a group of 120, 80 are bengalis ,40 gujratis, further info,70 persons are muslims and remaining hindus.
No of bengali muslims are:

1.30 or more.
3.between 15 and 25
4.between 20 and 25

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How to solve such problems?


x,y are integers , how many sol are there?

show the steps plz

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Dear Sir

i have been with a EPCm (Engineering Procurement Construction Management) giant which is a fortune 500 company, for last 2 years, after completing my engg degree.

Currently I am an design engineer , working in operations (Engg services).
New Delhi office (where I have been) focuses mainly in Oil & gas refineries and extraction contracts .

I would like to know my post ISB options for me.(considering I can leverage my 2-3 yrs of experience)