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Hi guys.. hope your gmat preparation is going on well. I am doing quant section from Arun Sharma (CAT quant) and from ETS powerprep. For verbal I am following ETS powerprep and OG 12. For basics I am referring Manhattan GMAT SC and wren and Martin.

hmmmmmmmmmm.. good collection of books.... can anyone complete the entire books

For GMAT i am in a fix too. Couldnt decide whether to join PrincetonReview. I need some assistance only for Verbal which I am unable to find. Regd material.. any CAT quant would do. Then go for Manhattan Gmat for SC, CR and RC. 1000 SC CR and RC question papers which are available on the Net. Anyone who knows faculty who teaches verbal.. please provide with the details..

hi... I reserved the date in april... dates might be available in april.. u need to check site for that
OG12 and PR is available in himalaya book depot panjagutta.. manhattan sc is also available there.
Non ICU ? whats this..

hi again...

I need feedback on Manhattan Review(hyderbad) for Verbal. Please provide necessary details

hi fellas...

I hope that the preparation for GMAT is in full swing.. abt me.. I have the gmat exam on 5th april 2010. As usual started with OG 12 and have kaplan advanced edition.
I need help in verbal I am not very confident abt it. I went to princeton review but they are demanding whopping amt only for verbal. So need help on verbal..

good one... me taking the test in april... I have started working on OG 12. Quant seems to be easy( first 50 probs) really donno whats there after that

yeah.. I have kaplan advanced (revised edition of kaplan 800) also.. let me finish with OG 12 then I will move to Kaplan..

hi all I have kick started my GMAT prep with Quant from OG 12. Found it easy at the beginning donno whats there at the end.

hi.. me giving gmmat in april 05. rt now I have started OG 12 and I have kaplan advanced ( improved version of kaplan 800). any other material to be followed. please let me know. Besides these I have lot of online material