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Well ! i guess time will tell ... when the cut offs of XAT are announced ...
With due regards to XIMB ... wud place my bets on my alma mater !
especially for HR aspirants ... SIBM is clear no 2 choice under XAT ...

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well guys ... its been a long time since i posted in this forum ...dont know if anyone in this forum recognises joined SIBM... did happen to meet a PG alumnus ..shubam ...
and by chance i happened to visit the PG pages today to find out that the forum is very much active...
well my profile goes :
Name : Girish V
Institute : SIBM
Course :MBA (HR)
Graduation: M.Sc.(Hons.) Mathematics
College of grad: BITS,Pilani
email :

mica out with their shortlist
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Now ...talking about cloning ...the very purpose of ethics being raised as an issue is that
do we the people have the right to decide to create or destroy lives?
Is it legally justified to have a clone being created and brought up without mental devpment... its a selfish act of humans to create a clone and use the clone for his health issues and then dump it ...
Now why is suicide termed illegal...because you as an individual cannot decide to end your life on your terms as you have an obligation to this society ...If a person does not have the right to destroy his own life ...can the destruction of a clone be termed legal?

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Now pagal did i play spoilsport?

hey hold on ...pagal ... the link says pgp 2002-2004 !
hey hold on ...pagal ... the link says pgp 2002-2004 !

hi ppl ... check out for tips on essays .... and has some material on labour laws for XAT ...dunno if they wud b asked ...

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Well, a primary reason why ads r being screened is to generate brand recall . As a critical tool of what is known a s Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) ,the clutter that exists in the market has forced advertisers into using techniques that may be harmful to the millions watching it.For example ,the concept of shock advertising , slowly catching up in India is a process in which nudity is screened all of a sudden and catched the viewer unaware may generate a huge brand recall , but it certainly does catch the consumers attention for all the wrong reasons.
Another crucial reason cud b that the westen advertising fraternity sees Indian advertising in poor light and hence their indian counterparts are forced to take a leaf out of their book completely forgetting the fact that India is culturally more diversified and that a unique way of advertising to the masses in India is inevitable . With cable penetration jus close to 35% of TV viewers ,advertising can b addressed to a much bigger audience thro other media in a sensible way .But the key to all this wud b to educate the advertising ppl
abt the responsibility they hold in moulding the innumerable minds on whom they have a huge influence.

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