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me thru dcm...was my best shot and converted finally yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo.....bye bye mdi and tata motors

my scores are
va 85.7
qa 99.45
di 99.93
overall it enuff...still cant believe the low score in va

my score

va 85.73:wow:
qa 99.45:)
di 99.93:)

overall 99.91

is there sectional cut off for xlri...if there is i am screwed

i got a snail mail from iitd asking me to apply, but not from iitb. i just wanted to know whether iitb gives out any calls at all or waits for the ppl to apply? my jmet rank is 267

well cleared three cutoffs and missed the lr i guess i am happy with the balanced performance.....98.5 perc

well here are my scores....

di 17.66
va 14.33
ps 11.66
lr 15
total 58.66.......screwed up va and lr dunno why............

my score......

ps 11.67
di/ds 20.67
va 28.67

net 61.00

gk got negatives here....
any idea how the cutoffs will be this time...i think the ps cut off should be low.....

well i dint have the courage to open up pagalguy after sim4.......but this time it has been better....

section I 41.67
section II 27.5
net 69.17

any idea how is this score???? kol rank 4

*******how do i delete this post*********

no problem whatsoever