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got an admit email today :)..will be joining Oxford...
guys any idea when is the session starting ?..the website states Oct...are there any boot camps or pre classes before that also ?

Also how is the situation with the UK student visa ? is it really difficult to get ?

Would be great if someone could help here...

Congrats on the admit! By now, you would probably be added to the Facebook page for students where they have an absolutely great support network for all sorts of questions you will have in Oxford. Have a stunning time!

I am from Singapore and was considering b/w Insead and Oxford as well. Most of my friends who took MBAs studied at Insead as Insead has their campus in Singapore. With 500 students per intake and 2 intakes per year, Insead has about 1000 students in Singapore annually. Harvard has around 900 students annually. Those programs have a huge intake. Oxford only has 250 students annually. The smaller cohort is one reason to choose Oxford as you have a much tighter network and you actually get to interact with all the students on course (part of the design of the Oxford MBA programme). The other reason I chose Oxford was because I made a trip to Fontainebleau and found it quite a dead town at night. The nearest hotel to the Insead campus is a Mercure where the receptionist didn't even speak English. Oxford, on the other hand, is a very pretty place with people still going about their business within the colleges, even at night. Lastly, one of my good friends went to Oxford for his MBA (previously he was only an engineer at an MNC) and 5 years after graduation, made partner at a pte financial services firm. His example showed me that it's not the school you went to, but rather the individual who graduates from the school that matters in terms of future success. My point being, both schools are good, there's no point bashing one or the other. However, from a lifestyle and closer cohort perspective, I would choose Oxford. Hope this helps future students who are making their decisions.


hi shruti,if you google the various forums online, you will have an idea of the interview questions asked. the usual ones are (i) why oxford (ii) why now (iii) what value can you bring to the class that makes you unique (iv) which other schools have you applied for?all the best!

I think the number of seats are definitely much lower than during R1,2 and 3. Nevertheless, I went for their recent Open Day and the advice given by Admissions Officer was that it's never too late if you have a good application. All the best!

shruti.bittu Says
I just applied to said about 2 days back in the rolling phase of admissions...anybody else applied now ? any idea if still decent number of seats are left ?