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Hey Friends....I'm wait list 19 for the ISEM programme.....
can anyone tell me wether the waitlist tracker is authentic about the no. of seats vacant or not.
Also is there any chance that NITIE people will clear two waiting lists before 14th june(just asking otherwise i'll have to study in XIMB

can anyone help me regarding the TISS Gd.....
I want to know thw duration and the no. of people in a GD.

Thanks in advance

This interview is for the course: HRM
Other calls: New IIMs, MDI
XAT percentile: 98
Interview Centre: St Xavier's Mumbai

Educational Profile
X: 88% CBSE
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age: BE (Mech) 61% Pune University
Any other professional certification or course undertaken: -

Work profile (if applicable)
Number of months : 14
Sector/Industry : IT
Special achievements at work : Few
Other differentiating factors (anything great that you have done in life, that's out of the ordinary) : lots of sports

Regarding GD/Group Exercise
GD/GE Topic: Reforms in Indian medical system - why? how?
Number of participants: 9

2 mins to think....10 mins to discuss....15-20 seconds to each participant to summarize

Brief snapshot of discussion:
Fair points discussed. i felt a few of the participants were extremely aggressive and repetitive.
I made 3-4 entries of 30 seconds...made my point and made an exit....
2 of my points were discussed at length....happy with my performance

About the panel
Panelists Intro: 3 panelists ....
P1 - prof sarkar...was looking at me constantly...asked a few questns but with a stern face....
P2 - prof gangopadhyay....spoke for most of the time....was laughing a lot...asked most of the questns
P3 - dont know his name...did not speak much.....asked two questns...
Some words about the panel and its general behavior/conduct:

PI Questions:
P2 - singh....thakur.....thakurs are generally very assertive and aggresive....
me - smile....
P2 - are you the same? jus like the actors are getting so aggresive and assaulting...what u do think is the reason? (laughs)
me - smiled and answered
(could have brought out the positive side....spoke along the general view instead...)
P2 - questns abt my company and it's delivery model
me - answered
P2 - why study so much? u r not married...enjoying life...keep doing the same...kitna padhega?
me - smiled and why mba explained
P2 - why are u switching from mechanical?
me - answered
P2 - name a big indian mechanical engg firm in or around pune?
me - kirloskar, thermax...( a few questns on what they do)
(P2 was looking for Bharat Forge :banghead: )
P1 - questn on low grad marks and then fav subject
me - answered
P2 - OR basics
me - answered
P3 - heard of eindhoven?
me -
P2 - some place in Netherlands....has smthn to do with IT
me - smile :lookround:
P1 - a little on sports but did not get to it (my strength )
me - answered and tried to drive it to sports but dint last long
P1 - which other calls?
me - told
P1 - XAT percentile? lowest in which section?
me - told
P2 - a little talk on army background
me - smiled and told what he asked
P2 - schooling from different places?
me - yes...posted evry 2-3 yrs
P1 - last book you finished?me - winning ways by harsha bhogle....
P1 - hmm...sports again.... which one are you reading now?
me - the difficulty of being good
P1 - do u read newspaper?
me - yes
P1 - which current affairs are you following?
me - NCTC, bailout to aviation sector....and sports
P1- ok , P2 - ok , P3 - ok
me - thank you :oops: :splat:

have no clue as to how the interview went....wat do u say puys?
Any other details that you think are relevant:
i had a casual direct counter questions....another candidate before me had the same.....seems more like they are testing how you react and handle the questns

Your advice for future aspirants:
keep it cool

Verdict: awaited ....

Good interview bro.....and thanks to all of you for sharing the experiences
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Hi all

Can anyone tell me the duration of TISS GD and how many people will be there.....

Also a bit out of place but can the TISS seniors tell me about the placement of Globalization and Labour

Hi can anyone tell me when are the interviews starting in Jamshedpur.....
I have given my interview centre as jamshedpur and till date I have no idea about my interview dates...please Help