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@MBA_Target2013 I disagree about ISB's diversity factor. Yes, most of the folks will be Indian but India itself has tons of diversity :)...I have studied in Canada for 2 years and trust me, in a school environment, you only pick up professional/academic diveristy and thoughts. It is not so easy to spend 1.5 yrs. in a hectic course and still pick up cultural diversity. If one talks about career/proffession/academic diversity then ISB has an equal footing as most Euproean B-Schools.

@rahulmarwah Hi Rahul, My 2 cents...There is no comparison between the ISB brand and Oxford Said. Oxford is definitely a beacon of learning and a university with a rich history but that glory is not associated with MBA. I would say that Oxford is the school of choice for more traditional streams but not MBA. This is unless you want to absolutely go to the UK and this is your best means to that end.
@AS-ISB2014 I echo you thoughts.
@AS-ISB2014 I echo your thoughts.


May I interject and comment on the topic of placements. I spoke at length to a current student today and as of today almost 500 students are placed. The placement season is supposed to continue till early next month and the main placement weak itself is up till the 24th. I am certain that rest 200-odd students will get placed too in such tough economic conditions. So, please be positive and focus on excelling at ISB and maximizing learning. Everything else will fall in place.

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I just got an email 5 mins back. Hyderabad it is for me. Congrats to everyone who have got admits so far. Thanks for everyone else on this thread for their support.

@bekhabar Yes.
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Mine still shows "Shortlisted". Looks like I am done

Puys, Any admits for Hyd campus?

@rohitsa Suwhan Allah, Masha Allah....Kya sher arz kya
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