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Not just another URL for me..
Not just another source of info for me..
Its is like an ATM, where i withdraw knowledge..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PG.. You make us proud too.

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HAI .....
I have given MAT "FEB, 2010 " and got I got 80 percentile.I got rejected for FEB 2010 intake in christ , so i want to apply with the same score(FEB 2010) for DEC 2010 intake.can i apply with same score (FEB 2010), is it valid to apply for DEC 2010 intake
pls any one help me by giving ur suggestion. thank q

No, you u hv to appear for MAT once agn , Christ takes DEC/FEB MAT scores. Pleaese wait for the announcements
@ sourav
do we need to pay nething extra in 1 st year apart from dat 2.5 l such as exam fees or ne thing ?or all fees are inclusive in 2.5 l


I hope u dont need to pay anything extra apart frm this as i didnt pay any..there is one OBT for wch ev1 has to pay and thats a very small amount.
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thanks mr gold_saurav but i asked for percentile too....

and if u could type 3 lines saying that plz check earlier posts couldn't u add 3 more words to let others know what was the par percentile...??


Really aftr working for a long day, i come back and chk a messege like this, it just adds salts to my wounds..bit disheartened too..I wished i would had nvr started this forum..
Sorry for not replying ur question.Thats all i can say
hello puys....

may i know what was your percentile in the exam through which u applied for christ ??

thanks in advance


It is requested that before posting any query in any thread, pls chk tht the previous post where ur question might hv been answered..
Its MAT or CAT for Christ.
hey frnz...
i m in a big delimma..
i'v gt selected for christ kengeri(MBA)... now the results are out 4 bimm,pune nd m selected 4 pgdm over dere as well..
so.. christ kengeri or bimm,pune ?? plzz gve ur valuable suggestion.
(P.S -- i knw comparing of b-schulz nt allowed in pagalguy bt dn its just ur suggestion dt m askin 4. .)

thnx in advance.. !!


I dont know ab as far kengeri is cocerned, the placements for both city nd kengeri campus will be the issue regrding the placements is over..chk evthing with bimm...their placements nd life..and come back to me..
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hae saurav...

i want to know hw`s the specilization lean operations and systems at christ it good..?? i think they started tat spclzn by ur batch..plz gve some details..

also is it marketin good placement tere..??


Yes, we r the first lot of Operations here. As aftr the summers ppl will be in their specialization, so cant comment on tht now..

Marketing has got good status here..very high prob of getting a job for marketing guys here compared to any other sp..
Hi Sourav,
I am highly confused about the task given to the people who are selected for MBA.. We need to undergo a 30 days intership in a manufacturing company just to get an overview of the company and get as many data and statistics about the company ..

I want to know whether this internship carries any marks because i do not have time of 30 days as my engineering will complete only in the mid of may and and the session is starting on 4th june.


You can start collecting the info when u r done with engg..not necessarily it should be of 30 days, but u'll need to show ur report here as wt u did and undrstand frm there..

Hi all,

All of u had, hv bundle of questions regarding Christ university.I tried to minimize problems of many bt don knw hw much effecive i hv been here. Those of u who couldn't mk through, tk it as the matter of chance and those who got through, congrats and get full charged as MBA is a high demanding zone..As the process for this yr admission is over, and the one's who are aiming for next year, please go through the initial posts and website and aftr the summers new forum for disscusion will be put up @PG. Those who r gearing up to join, can post quaries, they feel is needed to be answered here. I'll try answering them! Please donot chat, spam here! this is my request..Also before posting pls chk tht if the same quary hv been answered. Welcome again and look forward to c u!!

hi gold_sourav,

I would like to know the current status of the placements which I believe have been going on at Christ.
How about the first batch of IB students?
Also, any heads up on the deemed status fiasco?

Do reply.

Hi per--------,

pls refer to my previous post for ur quaries.:thumbsup:

First batch of IB doing well..they will be off to singapore in few days..they r a good batch of talented pple..cant say more on this course as its just one yr old now.