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Best Books for RC and CR
Can someone suggest which are good books to study RC and CR. Particularly these two subjects are my weak points.

Can anyone suggest which is better in Mumbai for GMAT coaching

-Sharp Minds

or any other with which you have had a good experience.


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Hey GMATprep,

Thanks for kick-starting the thread.

If you are looking for a classroom based option in Mumbai, Arun (Psychodementia) is your guy.

Otherwise there are online GMAT prep options as well that aren't really linked to any specific city.

Evaluate which approach works best for your learning style and then take a call.

- Sameer

thanks Sameer

Could you pls suggest good coaching classes for GMAT in Mumbai

CAN somone pls suggest good GMAT coaching in Mumbai.

Hi puys
This is the study corner for the people in Mumbai.Mumbai being the financial capital of the country and the busiest city in india. People hardly get time to join the coaching class for GMAT.
wat i feel thats is the reason a study group is a must. this will help us in collectively formulating a strategy and develop our skills to enhance our GMAT score.
So puys lets form the group fast and lets start preparing for GMAT

Debakalpa chattopadhyay

plz feel free to contact and suggestion for improvment of group sothat we can funtion more effectively and help ourself.

Include me too
I am in ..................:p

Include me in the group