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1. Yes, the faculty is same for both the courses, so no diference in the quality of teaching.
2. Even though some part of the sylalbus might be same or common, no joint classes are conducted.
3. There are many people who already hold a PG degree so, I personnaly don't feel if it would be a disability for you.
4. Yes, the placement process was conducted jointly this year.

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Hi puys,

Please guide me here.
Considering the turmoil in n around Mumbai due to MNS people, is the situation under control in college/admission venue precincts.???:Fade-col:
I'll be coming on 23rd and reaching there at Airport (Santa Cruz). how long would it take to reach Pravin College, Opp. NMIMS, VL Mehta Rad, Ville Parle??
What would be the best mode of transportation?? and are there any facilties for putting up provided to outstation students???
Seniors, please help.

1. Situation is perfectly alright in and around college.
2. Airport is in Santa Cruz East and college is in Vile-Parle West, but ty are quite close by. you can take an autorickshaw or a taxi car depending on your choice.
3. You need to make your own arrangements for boarding and lodging.
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Hi puys... i have heard abt management quota in NMIMS...

SENIORS Please tell us about the management quota. How and When to apply.
Is it based on the final merit list? Or anyone can apply to it.

Please anyone having the answer to above query do let me know.

Only those people who participate in GD & PI can apply for management quota. Yes, it is based on final merit list so you can apply only when final list is out...
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Hi Guys,

Me too shortlisted. I made a DD and filled the online form on Monday itself. Registered for 16th Feb forenoon slot. One thing which I am worried about is the experience certificate. I feel none of the companies will give the experience certificate in the format given in the application site. Is offer letter and latest pay slip sufficient to show our experience? Please let me know if you have info on this guys...I am sure none of the companies will give an experience certificate for higher to carry forward folks??seniors...please guide us on this ..


I guess if u look at the post just above urs, ur query will b answered...
Take time to look at other posts also before u post a query...
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I'm not aware abt the work-ex format NM has prescribed this time. But last time the offer letter along with the latest payslip was considered a good enough proof of ones work-ex..

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Hi All,

The admission woes never seem to end. I need my Delivery manager's approval for the employment certificate....:-(.....coz i cant use the template given by NM since it cant be printed on the company's letter head as per company policy...

Also, as far as i know, NM does not have a how are the current batch of ppl managing, i wonder.....where are they staying....can anybody shed some light on this?

NM has 3 hostels for its students.
1. Sai Suraj in Andheri
2. Hemu Villa in Vile-Parle; and
3. G R Jani in Vile Parle.
4. M KM Sanghvi for girls
So we guys have some decent enough place to live...
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karan1408 Says
Can we simply get our offer letter with the most recent pay slip as proof for work ex. ?

Yes!!! You can do that... Many of my batchmates did that...
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n wat r d timigs of forenoon session...........will it atart at 9, or after dat..............n interview venue is at narsee monjee itself or some other place. n how far is narsee monjee 4m airport in kilometers terms?
i knw i m asking too many question at 1 go, but m very anxious since hv 2 come n go 4m nd to delhi on d same day, so will book d tickets n gd date accordingly

Never measured the distance.. so wo't b able to help on that front... Also in Mumbai kilometers are immaterial coz in morning we travel just 5 km in 40-45 minutes...

Interview will b held in the college itself if it is somentioned.. But now we have a new building also just across the road so they mey b held there also...

Forenoon session should start at around 9:00-9:30... but not very sure of it.
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hi seniors,
what r the timigs of forenoon n afternoon session. and hw far is narsee monjee 4m mumbai airport............pz help me, so dat i,ll b able 2 select my interview slot

NM is in Vile-Parle which is quite close to Local Airport.... should not take more than half an hour to one hour depending on traffic conditions.

Also the afternoon session starts after 2:00 pm.
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I have visited NMIMS office today.They told me that there is a seperate form for sectoral courses including retail management.The form will be available from OCT 22.

P.S. : The discussions in the last few posts have really confused me whether to go for retail management or not.Is it worth it ?

Keep it as your second option only. Core program is the Flagship program of NM so if u can get into it, nothing like it.
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