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it depends on person to person but in general :

#1 How much time do you think that is sufficient for GMAT preparation?
I am working too & can devote only 2 hrs daily.

#2 Also after getting all theory fundamentals how much time do you think you required for practice ? (I am thinking on the perspective of Speed.)

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I have herd that for SP Jain we can submit the GMAT score later on also.What is the last date of submission of GMAT score for current session ?

You can take GMAT in July as well. GMAT scores can be submitted during interview as well. Interview call is not based on GMAT scores.


I started preparation in April so not comfortable to give it on July.
Hey I want to know whether I can give my GMAT score in the November ? When is their final selection & start of new batch in August 09 or Jan 10 ?

Are there any other colleges apart from Great Lakes which suit my requirement?
If any, could you let me know thier corresponding exams and criteria?

If u can try hard then :
Exams: try for GMAT,XAT.
Let me know if u figure out more collages.I am exploring too ..
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#Is IT consulting required too much travel ? or it is just at the level like project manager ?
#Is it possible to get into IT Consultancy without MBA like into CTS/Infy ?
# Any more info abt IT Consultancy work/what is their etc ?

Thanks for reply
one more question I have just started the preparation for GMAT & planning to give it around November but seems that I will not be able to apply for Jan 10 course. so do I need to give my GMAT before end of Jun 09?

Yes u r right to some extent.To know the answer to question why MBA I have put up the question of 'Profile after MBA' to see what will I do after MBA.What is the change that I can aspect to get.

Right now I know the don'ts :
I don't want do MBA because of \ - Money,Sales Career,Marketing Career,Finance/Investment banking career.

why MBA :
#Still need to figure out : BA,IT consulting etc....
#I like to do Analytical,creative work more than Technical work means more towards Requirement Analysis sort ,BA sort of ,solving business problem.
#Ambitious nature..
# Not happy to see my technical manger's profile,they don't/can't do technical work,nor business,just manage resources..Also u can't do much in technical mgr profile.

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From your posts I feel u are still confused if u want to do an mba or not. Dont do an MBA because every tom **** and harry arnd you is doing an MBA. Do it if u are clear with ur future goals and are not satisfied with the kind of work currently u are doing. This decision is an important decision and u need to ask urself the qs whether the whole thing falls into ur career path properly.

Reasons that inspires me:
#1 I was good techie but I feel I can't learn new tech after certain exp,want to go to higher side dont just wann code.Also don't see my self as architecture.
#2 I don't like profile of my technical managers, there is hardly any good work better than that is business profile I guess.
#3 I like consulting.
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# What are the roles & work profile will you aspect after completing 1 year MBA ?
# I have 5 yr of exp in IT so what role & work profile can I aspect ?
# Also is it MBA will only increase my designation in IT field or it will help me to change my work profile ?

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#1 What is end date for applying their course of 1 year ?
#2 I have 5 yr of exp in IT,What placement profile generally they offer ?