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Let me introduce myself,

Girish Khara, Batch of 2007 - Presently BA @ Wipro, Berlin.

KK...Its Being ages since I last posted on PG, but my random visit to this platf, has amazed me seein the volume of traffic.

Love to see such stuff floating around...Keep rocking GIM.


We look for each others back, for it helps us thrive in the outside world.



This thread is Blazin..

Congos to Saurav, Aspire, Maverick & Vodoo fr Keepin the response level on this Thread high.

Shailesh, Thnx fr the appreciation fr last yr efforts.

My inputs to the Call Getters fr the PGP '09 wld b to refer to the GIM Information thread from Last year. Shld b a Good place to get started. And accordingly prepare for this year, like GD topics suggested by Saurav, Aspire & Mav on this thread.

Guys, avoid changin Centers or Date. Such reschedulin happens in rare cases. It mite backfire too, reference being to questions on ur managerial capabilities OR rating of GIM vis the competitors, raised in the PI. However, if it is really unavoidable (Clash of PI on same date in Diff Cities), do pitch in strong with the Admissions Office @ GIM, as per the advised process mentioned some posts back.

Try readin a Biz Newspaper & a General Newspaper on a regular basis. Shld help fr GDs.

Freshers, Do carry a CV (projects a professional attitude). But ensure you can Back each claim made on it. Better would be to keep it Smart & Crisp.

Work Ex - Avoid stress on any work ex less than 6 months (Non BPO) & 12 Months (BPO). Be thorough with your Co Info & Work Processes.

This Should be enough to Start for the Campaign.


I don quite accept the logic that it wud be french for ya. Yes, the com guys will have an definite edge over u guys. If Prof Sarvanan take ur BFA wic is most likely as of nw, then that edge will be nullified. Hwever, if ppl are keen on reading up b4 joing plz get Modern Accountancy Volume 1 by Md. Hanif and A Mukherjee, Tata Mc Graw Hills and get thru the first five chapters. Don get bogged down by the size of the book, and the weight. By personal experience, i must say that this book is the bible of BFA.

If the regular classes were to start tat early, wud u have commented the same. No na. See these classes are designed specially for ya, and even if u are an Einestin, nothing can substitute the class room teaching for first hand experience on accounts.

I Second Saurav Goyal, The C.A. on this.

Some days back , praful patel was saying that lufthansa and singapore airlines will be using the a 380 , in the sector of south east asia to us ... and in case of an emergency , would be needed to land in india ... as delhi airport has a runway of length 3.85 or so and a width of 45 metres ... the length is fine but the width needs to be increased to 60m

that they are planning to do by 2007 ... so that atleast emergency landings are possible

ya looking forward to the books


p.s quick service

I was shocked to see the thread move 2 pages so fast. Assuming I have missed a lot, I started browsing, But then on completion of the brows, I can make only one Interpretation. Some ppl are totally Vella.

After so much gyan from the Jet experts I am eager to hear some from the Kingfisher Camp also. What after ordering 4 more A380s at the Hannover Fair, the king seems to be enjoying the good times in the sky.


Hi All,

Its ON.

The 2nd Delhi Meet is scheduled on 23rd April, 2006 at 3Cs Cinemas, Lajpat Nagar at 13:00 Hrs IST.

All are invited.


oh, guess u din know that HDFC Bank does it in 7 working days.. And yes, they deliver it to ur postal add or at any branch solely on ur instructions.

If u are talking abt the current Banks in Panjim and arn with the likes of HDFC, then for the past 18 months they have discontinued any branch cash withdrawls even on bearer slips.(Read Savings bank account). Now allowed only on home branch(es). Nw don ask me why???

BTW, isn it foolish on the part of to be managers to dump ATM cards for human tellers, the exception being the Corp Bank on Campus...

Nahin Khara sahab, naam to abhi tak nahi mila hai. Checked my PM also.

1. Note the mention of the word....Desi......I wont term HDFC as Desi. Read it as PSU.

2. HDFC might have had a policy change with regards to branch cash withdrawals, maybe due to some operational reasons or some banking guidelines. I dont bank with HDFC, so I am not the right person to comment on this.

Corp is a Nice Bank. They are helping the country solve the Unemployment problem.
goyal_saurav Says
Just getting a lil curious, did ya get it (read ur Plastic Money) framed and kept it home when u came to GIM last year.

Well I had to migrate to an Indian Bank before coming down to GIM. & It was a pain to specially get the plastic card prepared from them & delivered at GIM. I have experinced the trouble in getting this plastic card from a Desi Bank. So, if u have to make a switch to a desi bank or have to get an ATM Card issued, pls start the process now. Hopefully, you will get the card till the time you have to leave for GIM.

Now, the advice is still applicable as I discovered some ppl in our batch had left their cards back home, assuming they won't require it here, as they can visit the Bank Branch in Panjim during the day for undertaking any transaction. Now with the classes on, how many days in a week can you do that. & if u have no time in day to visit the Bank, the next option is to visit the ATM during the non working hours, for which you need the damn Card. Else, if you wanna transact with the resident bank at GIM, i.e. Corp Bank, then there is no problemo.

Saurav, I hope u got the names I am refering to above, ppl who can make the weird assumptions elaborated above.

Great_II Says
WOW so many people turning up for PG meets(auhkay its the GO GOA factor too)!!Anyways I'd surely like to meet my seniors and super seniors...at a GIM MEET IN DELHI if any planned!!!!

Yes, There is a Delhi Meet Planned.

Pls Introduce yourself.
hey ppl

after all those beamers, bouncers, missiles from bored summer interns, its good to see a simple little query.

Well without getting into subjective details, I will provide a list of items i deem to be necessary when u arrive in Goa. The list is a product of unmoderated, bored and tired brain storming but it will answer ur query in all possible entirety. So here goes:

1. Protective gear to protect you from rains. It can be an umbrella (Ankan Dabral style) or a raincoat. It rains very heavily here and you might need to venture out either for fun or work.

So any other simpler query???


one more bored intern.

PS: Get those games.

Some one is really Bored.

But nice work PP. Just a few addons to the comprehensive list.

1. If you have a ATM/debit card, do bring it along.

2. If you have an SB A/C with an MNC Bank (i.e. Citibank, HSBC etc), pls note they have negligible presence here in Goa with no branches or ATMs. Start banking with an Indian Bank. Banks having significant presence in Panjim are ICICI, HDFC, SBI, Corporation, PNB. I prefer SBI as they have 4 ATMs in Panjim.

3. Get any relevant textbook if you already have1. We will post the inputs on this on the Yahoo Group. No need to buy any, as the library is well stocked. But still if someone has a copy back home, bring it along for ready reference. Else you might have to incurre incalculable opportunity cost. given it could have been used at GIM rather than lying at Home.

Rest PP has covered & has provided you ppl with a comprehensive list.

goyal_saurav Says
khara Sahab... Batch of 2006-08 and nt 2007-08. Afterall even they are entitled to sloggin for 2 yrs. wat say guys...

I can see VSNL helping you improve your analysis skills. Also evident is the fact, that the CA article inside you is still alive & kicking(regulatory conformance nature). The error highlighted by you was a typo. My sincere apologies. But slogging is a wrong word. Even they are entitled to the managerial transformation over the period of 2 years of stay at GIM.