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Apoorv Pandit @Apurv
Here we are, nearing the end of an MBA admission season hanging right in the middle of the second economic recession in five years. The crisis of 2009 assailed at the viability of the mass-produced MBAs of the country to

Apart from colleges in the top 15, I found myself clueless about which college to "pick" while taking the survey. It was guess work most of the time and I think there would be many survey takers who concur. I'm afraid my "perception" is limited only to colleges in the top tier! I think it would help to simply come out with a ranking of colleges based on placement salaries.This is not to replace the current methodology, but to add value to it. There can be no better measure of colleges other than how much companies are willing to pay for graduating students!

Hi Hrishikesh,
Can you give us a tentative date for when we can expect the final placement report for '12? I'm hoping the report can include a few more details, without of course divulging company-specific information. Do you think you think Siom can mention median salary figures, and maybe avg salaries for different sectors?

Hi Seniors :):),
Just want know if students with 5yrs+ exp are there in SIOM.
dont know if i will be able to find any 1 in my age gp :biggrin:, any idea on the profile offered to such students during placement???

I'm one of those with "excessive" work experience ( 5 years). Good to know there are other aspirants like me! Cheers!
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Anyone from a VTU affiliated college in Bangalore? Pls let me know because I'm looking for some help/guidelines with the migration certificate!!!

Nervously anticipating the results!!! In the meanwhile just want to clarify a few things from those presently studying in siom.
Regarding SAP in the courseware, my group coordinator mentioned that we can expect a change in syllabus from this year; and SAP will be taught throughout the course instead of the 10 days it was earlier. Is this correct and can we expect a syllabus revamp for SAP?
Also, does it cover implementation processes or is it restricted to end-user transactions?
Any other info on the course content will also help!

Seniors kindly respond! Thanks!

Hi guys,
I have five years of work experience in manufacturing with an electrical-equipment MNC. I've held roles in quality assurance and industrial/process engineering. I wish to continue in operations and have an admit from siom, nashik which i plan to take up. After an mba, i'm keen on a consulting career in business process excellence and operations. I'm not entirely keen on ERP/IT consulting though!
I request anyone familiar with operations consulting to please help me clarify some queries:
>> what is the job market like in India for the roles mentioned above?
>> What are the renowned companies who offer these roles? And do they recruit only from top tier b-schools or do students from institutes like siom have a shot at them as well?
>> I'd also like to know what the typical roles and responsibilities are like for jobs in this field.

Thanks a lot! It would help me take a final call on taking up MBA studies.

repeat post, deleted

On a lighter note, the code of conduct document reads like a guantanamo bay handbook . Will have to quit smoking for sure now! Sigh.. the price of education :cheers:

Am in! hi-five!:cheers:. Looking forward to being there in June!

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hey the link is disabled currently.. it would be enabled around 3-5 as said by shashankay... so hold your breath and stay in touch with the thread .. :clap::cheers:

planning to draft my resignation mail... any idea how to write best resignation mails ..

Awesome! ..Dude from personal experience :cheers:, copy paste mein mazaa nahi hai. The email that you write yourself, savouring each word as you type, is the best resignation mail . :clap:
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