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Happy29 Says
about loan and other queries, join the orkut thread , all your doubts would be resolved there

Orkut?? Why use orkut for, well ANYTHING?!
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pallavipr Says
is there any chance at waitlist no 1264?

I am in the same boat 1210. I doubt of any chances.
XAT percentile : 99.17
BM : w/L 113 (as gud as reject)
HRM : reject.
fresher, gud acads though.

can converts pls post their work ex n %ile so that we can get sum idea of how to prepare for nxt tym n not be too disappointed.. also state how ur interview went in general pls.

XAT %ile: 99.66
Work-ex: 30 months as a Data Analyst; Multiple promotions in 2 years
Gender: F
Acads: 92% in X, 89% in XII, 75% in BTech.

HRM convert.

My interview was very cool. We talked and laughed. Try and highlight interesting things about you early on - I highlighted my past in Assam, my training in classical Indian music, and my bizarre interest in Rock & Grunge. I also refrained from talking about how excellent XL is academically instead opting to talk about their extra curricular clubs etc. Also, I couldn't answer ANY question in academics or General Awareness. But I always told them I wasn't sure but would like to make a guess. They often obliged and then i answered and asked if I was correct. This approach often led them to ask me why I made that guess to which I would often reply "I remembered having heard in the news..." or "His name is Marathi so I thought maybe he belonged to Maharashtra?" and so on. This would further highlight my inference capabilities. The key is in leading the interview. And being completely honest. Brutally so. Hope I helped!


PI for : HRM (Board II)
Date: 31st March, 2012 (1400-1800)

Venue: Delhi - Hotel parkland

XAT %ile: 99.66

Gender: Look at my username!

Educational Details -
X: 92.4%
XII: 88.8%
B. Tech. (Comp Sci): 75.0%

Work Ex: 30 months
Work Profile: Data Analyst at an internet based firm

GD Topic: NREGA - a rod for employment security - Vision vs Practise

The GD was very good. One guy took the lead - initiated and concluded and showed leadership qualities. 3G+8M. I spoke twice or thrice with the same comment in different ways... No one was letting people speak. Diverted off topic as a group. Tried to bring the group back to the actual topic but I dont think the proffs noticed it. Anyway... I'm bad at GD.

PI : First one to be called. Proffs were smiling and fresh and looked genuinely interested.
There was an Old guy (OG), a moustached one (MG) and a soft spoken lady (L). Will denote myself as "Me".

OG: Please close the door after you. Please sit down. So how are you today?
Me: Very good, thankyou.
OG: (You) Don't sound very good.
Me: Have a sore throat Sir
OG: So, can you please give me your file.
Me: (Gave it MG... My file looks like a mini briefcase - very complicated. He gave up and asked me to give me marksheets. I did.)
OG: So, you work at (Company's obscure name)
Me: Yes... Its the parent company of (well known brand)
OG: So you've been there for last 30 months.. tell me about some project u might have done?
Me: (Told the most amazing project that I'd done and talked about benefits... used the word "parse" where OG started smiling in a most mischievous manner!)
OG: You used the term "parsing"... so you are Comp Sci I gather? Done Compilers?
Me: Yes... though I dont remember much. was a long time ago! (2009)
OG: Tell me whatever you remember... Draw compiler components on notepad... Tell me about lexical analyser.
Me: (Said stuff that made sense to me.)
OG: Its Okay. W'ever u remember.
MG: (Butting in) Is this really you? (Indicating my photo)
Me: Yes sir!
MG: U look much younger in the photo. How long ago was it?
Me: (Dumbfounded, and truth be told, not very happy.) 2 years ago.
(All three look at my form)
L: She looks just the same... what are u talking about... (to MG)
MG: You look *much* younger in the photo.
Me: Time to start anti aging skin care regime I guess (Dunno why I said that! I was mortified after blurting that out.)
OG: Do you want to take her on? (to L)
L: So... what are your interests?
Me: Reading (paused.. willing her to start asking me questions about books... I could've out done anyone on that! But she wasn't interested...) Music.
L: What kind of music?
Me: Rock... Grunge (again... blurted out the truth. Most mortified I tell you)
L: Can't ask much about that! So, do you know about India?
Me: (Thought we were still onto music.) Indian music?
L: Okay, Indian Music.
Me: I actually trained as a singer in Indian Classical music.
(All made certain faces like "Oh...")
MG: Yes, I saw the certificates. (must've gotten into the same file as marksheets)
L: Tell me the difference between raga and taal?
Me: Taals are about Raagas are an aesthetically pleasing combination of swars and taals.
L: Do u know any taals?
Me: I know how they go, but dont remember the names!
L: Jhap taal?
Me: Sorry... I don't remember the names... It was back in class 5 when I studied all that.
L: Oh... Okay. How did your interest shift from classical music to rock?
Me: Went from (a small township in assam) to (a slightly larger town in assam) that had a major Anglo influence in culture. Peers listened to rock and made me listen to it as well... I started liking the raw energy.)
L: What do u remember about Assam?
Me: Talked about how I never appreciated the beauty and greens and pollution free air until I shifted to Noida... How life is slow and everyone knew everyone else... Very protected atmosphere contrary to popular belief.
L: Three differences between Life in Noida and Life in Assam
Me: Said something
L: If you were the head of public transport system of a small city, how would u manage it better?
Me: Bla Bla. L not statisfied. Asked me to think while passing me over to MG.
OG stepped in. Asked me about :
i - A national reserve in Assam? Me - Kaziranga
ii - A holy place? Me- Kamakhya Devi
iii - A dance form? Me - Bihu
OG happy; asked MG to take over.
MG: Born and brought up in Assam?
Me: Born in Assam; moved to Rajasthan; moved back to Assam for 11 years; Moved to Noida.
MG: parents are from Assam?
Me: No... UttraKhand.
MG: (to others) Yes, yes. She is from Uttrakhand.
L: How do u pronounce your surname? (I have an unusual surname)
Me: Pronounced it phonetically.
MG: So who's the President of India?
Me: Pratibha patil.
MG: Son's name?
Me: Sorry... I dont know.
MG: Which state she is from?
Me: Sorry sir.
MG: Think. Patil?
Me: Maharashtra!
MG: Why d'u give up so easily?
Me: (Slightly abashed) Politics is not my strong suite.
MG: Are you asking me not to ask you any more questions on Politics?
Me: No... I'm just stating a fact.
MG: ...Should respect the facts...
Me: Its a fact as of now, I can improve!
OG smiling in that mischievous way again. MG smiling as well.
MG: Okay! Three reasons why XLRI should take you?
Me: (Said something... Couldn't think of a third reason... Then suddenly - ) "You have a dramatics club called DRACULA right? Well, I'm awesome at Dramatics!"
All made expressions like "Oh!" and smiled.
L: Why didn't u say u like dramatics when I asked you?
Me: It's something I havent explored much... I did a few skits in college... (Then, as I did throughout the interview, blurted out) I played Ravana.
All laughed.
Me: What... it was an all girls college! Someone had to do it! (Oh how embarrassed was I after this! Need more practice at being professional. :nono:)
MG: Okay! Nice talking to you .
Me: Have a nice day!

It was a very chilled out interview. Was not nervous at all. Smiled throughout. Only problem - my voice. I was croaking my replies like a frog.

Verdict: awaited

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70% contribution of CAT percentile to the final score paints a rather bleak picture for me. M %ile was a meager 96.xx. This basically means I have no chance because quite obviously, there are tons of other shortlists who will be equal/better than me in GD/PI and will also have a much better %ile! Even if I do get through I'll only get HR which I have absolutely no intention of taking up.... Damnit.

The guy I spoke to said 31st... ON 31st not by. But I'm not sure as last time it came out on 25th or 26th. Maybe this time as well. BTW, will the last week be the one starting with 30th? Or the one we're sitting out right now?

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Can someone please call them and ask when the result will be out. I am not able to get through to them at the moment

1800 102 3256

Called. 31st.
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Friends i have a sincere request
Please give me advice
My sectionals according to varios keys are
DM 17

Verbal 16

Quants 7-8

Can you please tell me whether I have any chance for XLRI BM or HR call.
I have right now IIM Shillong call, expecting MDI call and
job opprtunity in BHEL
I have 2 year work experience in tata power

My sectionals are EXACTLY like yours! Worried...
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Hey Girl..dont get disheartened..some people are still lurking around but not qualified enough to take an intelligent guess on percentiles etc (talking bout myself)..

Its a matter of 3-4 days..instead of taking an opinion poll here (!) just kill a few days and the things would be clear ;-)


Killing days is getting so tough. Thankyou for the kind words nonetheless! Have a good one.
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