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Great job Aman taking the initiative of making this thread for the future stated above by Navneet, Deepanjan,Ravi and Rajesh this college is only for people with an inclination towards this sector if you don't posses one you would be wasting 2 years of your life , however rest assured if you do have an affinity for this field there is none better place than this .....

As mentioned earlier the only thing you can do now is concentrate on your CAT exam , give it your best shot , get a call and if you have a passion for this sector there's nothing in this world that can stop you from landing here .....ofcourse along the way me and my batchmates would be more than willing to help you all just as our seniors did it for us last year ..........


Varun Mohan
PFM 2012

ingit Says
Any Neil Young fans here? Somebody who, like me, gets a chill every time he/she listens to Cortez the Killer?

I am with you there ...although I personally prefer 'Old man'
Dear friend,
IMT G admissions result website says following thing about you

t Graduate Diploma in Management Programme
Admission Result - 2010

CAT TR No. SR6018914
Name of Candidate
Subhadip Mahalanabish
Father's Name Shekhar Nath Mahalanabish

Congratulations ! You have been provisionally selected to PGDM (Finance)-Nagpur.
Last date for submission of fee is on or before 15th June, 2010.

You were offered admission for IMT-N And you are writing that you converted IMT-G

Anyone can crosscheck this at IMT_G website by typing his cat number

Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad

Kindly elaborate if you like...........:):)

Now that was a juvenile post :nono:
hi friends,
Posting on the other side of a long long break. Have finally decided to join IIFM with delight. Was WLed at 37, felt quite heavy hearted in first place, but finally the WL 37 proved a blessng in disguise for me. I got the the time to see other things take shape...and decide my final choice. If I had got in first or second list I most probably wont have submitted the fees, so I guess its destiny for me that I will pursue my MBA from this pristine and beautifull college :):).

Just read in prev few pages about the apprehensions shown for IIFM, but thats quite junk to me as I have heard only goods about IIFM from knowledgebale persons.

Looking forward to making some great friends and spending the best time of my life during the next two years.

Bhopal beckons me....

PS: My joining is 21 st morning will be reaching on 20 th night around 11 PM by shipra exp. Anyone having the same or nearby time pls contact...


Hey Subhadip congrats mate ...looking forward to meeting you all ...btw is anyone here arriving on the 18th or before that ?....or am I going to spend a day or two all alone in the entire hostel....?
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Changing the course of discussion towards more immediate concerns ....when are you guys arriving @ IIFM ? I would be reaching there on the 18th(around 3:00 pm)...Is anyone here arriving on that day or before it?

A happy world environment day to fellow IIFMights and to everyone else on this thread

Three new obsessions:

1. My blueberry night : Wong Kar Wai
2. Mullholland Drive: David Lynch
3. Naked Lunch: Warner Herzhog

Mate If I am not mistaken Naked Lunch is a David Cronenberg project ....great choices btw
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Already posted 3 movies before so these would be by 4th, 5th and 6th choices (picking just 3 is a hard task)
4.This is Spinal Tap
5.Whitnail & I
6.Man On Wire

Whiskey in the Jar -Thin Lizzy

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Blue Oyster Cult- Don't Fear the Reaper
Spinal Tap- Big Bottom

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